Photoshop CC 2017: Has anyone experienced a gradual increase in lag?

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Since the Photoshop CC 2017 update, I have noticed that the latency of tools, menus, and the cursor increases the longer Photoshop is open. It lags to the point where I can't even work at all. If I shut down Photoshop and relaunch, it's fast again for a time, but then gets very slow again.

I have tried various different Performance tab settings in the Preferences dialog box, but no combination seems to work. I've allotted more and less RAM, without and without using the GPU. I've changed History States, Cache Levels, and Time Size, but to no avail.

In addition, I have set up Scratch Disk preferences. I have 4 high-speed SSDs connected by high-transfer rate sATA cables directly to the motherboard. I have also tried CTRL+ALT at startup and re-arranged the scratch disk order, but again, this hasn't helped.

Below are a couple of screenshots. I am running:
Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Intel Core i7 3.4GHz Sandy Bridge CPU
16GB Dual-Channel DDR3 RAM
2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 GPU
Asus Sabertooth V2 Motherboard

I am also using Photoshop for image retouching. Layered TIF files. Nothing too crazy. However, file size doesn't seem to matter. Right now I've got a simple screenshot open which is mere KBs, with no layers, and this is still happening. I have run diagnostics on my RAM, SSDs, and GPU, but nothing seems to be wrong. Also, this lag only happens in Photoshop. If I minimize Photoshop and work in another program or browser, everything is speedy and fine.

I have even tried changing the font options and disabling the rulers, as suggested when this happened in the 2015 version of Photoshop. I hope this is detailed enough. This is crippling

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Only thing that made anything better was going to Preferences > Performance > Graphics Processor Settings > Advanced Settings, setting drawing mode to basic and turning off 30 Bit Display. It's not perfect but it's something at least.
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I still find myself switching back to CC 2014 just so I can do basic stuff like draw strokes, zoom, toggle layers, and page through history states without having to wait for ten minutes in between. The lag seems to have started in CC 2014, but only does so for a few seconds at most. It was impossible to use the Save dialog in 2015, and even 2018 makes me wait for god-knows-what.
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I've used Photoshop since it's inception, and have never seen a slowdown like this since I worked on Mac IIci when layers were introduced. But at least that was an excuse. This is crazy, as an illustrator you simply cannot have lag when you are trying to paint. Just got a new computer, otherwise I would still be using Photoshop from 2014. I've been searching the internet for days trying to find a solution, and to my amazement found out that these complaints have existed for years. This is why I never bothered updating photoshop, they just keep bulking it up adding more and more crap. Not sure if anyone's noticed, but my brush lag goes away completely when I disable layer effects. Still annoying, but at least I can paint.
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I have solved my issue for the most part,still get an occasional freeze, for me I had installed 2 different video cards, and after searching around for answers, I was directed to let’Geforce Experience’ clean up the driver mess . Since doing this I have only minor problems.
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At least, i feel i'm not the only one who experience thoses things. In a way, that rassures me but we still waiting for a god damn fixe. For your information i'm currently working on an Imac 27'' 16Go ram at my work and at home on a PC with I5 8400, 16Go DDR4 and a GTX 1050 and still have lag... But on others softwares like C4D, Sketchbook pro,  i doesn't have any problems.
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my Wacom Intuos Pro and Mouse are lagging in photoshop - it is effecting my work as the pen is about 2cm ahead of the painting. VERY frustrating. None of the suggested fixes are working.
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Try this method it might help but not sure type msconfig on start menu disable all microsoft services and also adobe updater hit okey then restart.
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I am experiencing this on Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.4 27inch iMac w/32GB RAM.
Photoshop used to run very snappy until the recent updates where performance starts quickly but slowly degrades to near unusability. 
Most noticeable in Liquify however other functions are slow too. I use a Wacom tablet and had an issue with keyboard shortcuts sticking and had to roll back to an earlier driver. I wonder if their is a Wacon/PS conflict?