PSE18 not enough RAM. How do I get to Memory to change the preferences?

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I read the solution for PS and have gone to Edit,  Preferences, general, Performance - at this point I'm supposed to see Memory and change the amount numbers.  I don't have that option - anyone know where it is in PSE 18?
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Posted 9 months ago

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It can't be in Elements, it's in Windows.
The Windows 10 (1803) update removed from your computer some code used by recent Elements version to manage memory.  Microsoft makes it nearly impossible for you to get back to the previous Windows 10 version, which would solve the problem.
Immediately after that update,  Adobe provided a workaround to solve the issue. The Windows registry holds a number of settings including Application specific ones to manage memory.
The detailed step by step procedure in this help paper:
It's about modifying the Windows Registry via the Microsoft 'regedit' tool.
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In case you need the full instructions for the
Windows Power Shell (WPS) for a scan, file this.   

To scan the Windows System, you first need to be an Administrrator. 
You can change to Administrator by going to the Windows Power Shell, 
right-click, click on More, click on Open File Location, then click properties
(top of page) then click Advanced, then checkmark on "Always Administrator..."
You will be an Administrator for that application only (in Windows 10).   
You must do this before any commands will work in the WPS.  

Now open the WPS which opens in a DOS window.  
At the cursor you must type "sfc /scannow" that's "sfc (space)/scannow"
(not any other way).  

Your purpose for doing this is to scan all protected system files which could 
replace any Windows corrupted files with a cached copy that is located in a  
compressed folder (windows) at %WinDir%\System32\dllcache - the 
%WinDir% IS the Windows Operating System folder. (a copy thereof).
You didn't know that when Windows was installed there is another copy 
on the back-side of the hard disc which has been its place, since Win3.11. 

Go to WPS, opens in a DOS window.  At the cursor, type "sfc /scannow"
without the quotes, press Enter.  Let it work - slowly - as it scans. 
If it returns any errors you didn't type it correctly. 
If it does work, it should return words like: (WRP)
"Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations".
Means it didn't find anything not structured by Windows engineers.  
Click out of the DOS window - it's done - there's nothing to it.  
It's mainly to find out if  Windows has any corrupt files to know.   

If it doesn't get along with an app, it will say that there is an app
which does not have a root file or .dll (linked to Windows).   
In this way you will know more about an misbehaving app.  

File this in 'extra stuff'.  Share with friends - look technical.   


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Hello Barbara Davis,   

Photoshop doesn't have an adjustment for this  Also, you'll need to mention which Operating System (Windows?) and for what reason you want to change the memory.   I'm not sure if you're talking about changing the Virtual Memory or RAM, but I'd first need to ask how technical are you?  It's not easy to know what you're doing with the Virtual Memory or a cache change.   It can make your drive space smaller.  And, you cannot change the RAM unless you change the hardware inside your computer.  

Steve Lehman, mcse