Elements 2018: Face Recognition problems and display blackout

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Installed without problems PSE 2018 on my I7-4770 / 16 GB / 500 GB OS SSD / Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, upgrading from PSE13.
My catalog contains 47000 images and resides completely on the 500GB SSD.

The face recognition has two new features I really like:
a. The face recognition is now a circle/ellipse around the head and not a square as in PSE13.
b. The circle/ellipse and name tag only appear when pointing on a max. zoomed image on the head or in the vicinity and not, as before, when moving the cursor anywhere in the image at max. zoom.
After running PSE 2018 during several days non interrupted, the face recognition has not yet reached 60%. That's OK and I hope it will complete its task in the near future but until it has finished I found 3 bugs I believe are not related to the not completed task of face recognition.
When opening at max. zoom an image with faces that are recognized but not tagged, the system asks: "Is this [name]?  √  x "
If the face recognition has recognized the face and thus one clicks on the checkmark √, then it immediately accepts this button.
But if the face has been falsely recognized and one wants to correct it by clicking on the "x" button, in almost all cases nothing happens. 

When marking a face, one must type in a name. If this person is in the person tag list, it is shown. Selecting that name was all that was needed in PSE13 to complete the task. Now in PSE 2018 one has to use the enter key as well, a keystroke I find completely superfluous and time consuming!

3. There is no way to remove a face tag. The small "x" that appeared on the upper right corner of the face square in PSE 13 is now missing!

Then probably a memory leakage bug of PSE2018:
Having worked with PSE 2018 now for a week for several hours per day, I encountered 4 times a graphic card crash (black out) most likely due to a PSE 2018 memory leakage. The eventlog shows a Resource-Exhaustion-Detect:
Windows successfully diagnosed a low virtual memory condition. The following programs consumed the most virtual memory: PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe (4512) consumed 60576477184 bytes, ElementsSmartTag.exe (7872) consumed 429363200 bytes, and explorer.exe (10224) consumed 390012928 bytes.

  The only way out of this situation is to hit the reset button and restart Windows.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Here is my experience with Face Recognition: 

I have the EO Zoom slider to the far right (max zoom). When I saw the "Is this [name}" and it was not the named person I clicked the X. It was fiddly getting EO to recognize that I had clicked the X. The cursor arrow had to be exactly on the center of the circle. After a short time lag the message changed to "Add Name".  

Try the following catalog management tasks to resolve the long running facial recognition and the memory leak:

Are you using the catalog created by PSE 13? If so, was the catalog converted for EO 2018? Go to File / Manage Catalogs and click the catalog name that you are using. Click Convert Catalog. You many need to temporarily switch to a newly created, empty catalog. I don't think you can convert the Current Catalog.in use. I recommend rerunning Convert even if your catalog was previously converted. In other words, you may have to click on the Previously Converted option to convert the currently in use catalog. 

If the catalog was converted, then try the catalog management options for Optimize and Repair. You may get a message that a repair is not necessary. Do the repair anyway. Also, click the check box to Re-index Visually Similar data. After Repair finishes then click OK. Next click on Optimize.

In other words the catalog process is:

1) Convert
2) Repair with re-indexing of visually similar data
3) Optimize

Please add a reply as to whether these steps helped or not.

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Thanks Steve for your elaborate answer. I really appreciate this!!

Now for the answers:
Of course, I did complete successfully the conversion of my PSE13 catalog to the PSE 2018 version before using PSE 2018! I don't think you can use in PSE 2018 a catalog of a previous version.

It seems not possible to convert a previously converted catalog. It will only convert the PSE13 version once again. I did not convert the PSE13 catalog again as I don't think the conversion was compromised. A converted catalog simply does not appear in the list of to convert catalogs (seems reasonable.....)
So I continued with repairing and optimizing.
After finishing both, the "Analyzing faces in your catalog" continued where it left off before the repair and optimizing, it's now at 63% complete.......

I'll let you know if the memory leak problem pops up again and when the analyse has finished its work.

I tried positioning the cursor exactly in the center of the "x" circle and in some cases it did work, however, in other cases it did not. The active cursor click area is most likely just too small and should encompass the complete circle of the "x", as the active cursor click area of the checkmark apparently is. This is a small but highly irritating bug!

Remains the more serious bug of not being able to remove a face tag!!! If one should make a mistake and tag a person with the wrong name, no possibility exists to correct this. Similar, a face tag being positioned by the system at a wrong location can neither be removed. Adobe should put this bug high on their list of to be corrected items at a future update.
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After having tested and compared PSE2018 (actually PSE16) with PSE13 which I have been using the last 3 years, I have decided to scrap PSE2018 from my PC and continue using PSE13.
The difference between the two versions is not important enough for me to upgrade, especially when the editor does not have new features I need or find important enough to have.
However the 2018 organiser has some major problems in features I use or find important (see above post) and those features are almost identical with those in PSE13.

Hopefully PSE 2019 or PSE 2020 will be good enough and feature rich in order to abandon PSE13....
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I have again downloaded and installed the latest PSE version which is now Photoshop Element 2019 and is seen as PSE17.

Many of the problems I reported above have been solved and the fact that now the Place Tags works as intended does make the upgrade (and payment....) worthwhile.

However, problem 1 above is still the same. It does not matter where I click on the X button, only the mouse-arrow changes into a grabbing hand:

But I found a remedy:
I click anyway on the √ knob and then click on the wrong name. I can now overwrite it with the right name (only 1-3 letters are sufficient) and hit the ENTER key. 

Anytime this bug will be corrected??
Adobe are you listening.....