Elements 14: Doesn't Launch In Newest 1703 Version Of Windows 10

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Since Update To Latest Stable Windows 10 Version 1703 , 15063.13 Elements 14 No Longer Works , Microsoft Has Killed It From Working
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi there Alembic-Lynx:   This is Steve Lehman, MCSE, responding.
This is not an Adobe problem.  It's a Windows problem.  You might be new to Windows 10.
Windows 10 is touchy-feely so if you happen to click anything while the update is downloading, it will stop the download and because it's not finished, other components on the system were turned off during its download will not recover.  It needs to finish and that may not be until the next time it becomes available, and then, when it downloads again, it will turn back on all those missing components.  It does not tell you that only half of its update downloaded.  This is the part that gets everyone confused. The easiest and quickest way to clear this up is to wait for this same Windows update to return (the next day) and let it fully install and it will finish and make things much better.  If the same problem occurs there are other options.

Here is one option link where information may not be your best interest. Two more are below.  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/12415/windows-10-recovery-options 

Another way to fix it is to go to settings, find your list of most recent updates, find update history at that location, then click on the latest update and uninstall it.  It will install again hte next time, and as above it may come back even better.  Another is to cancel Windows 10 and go back to your previous Windows version but this is not so popular for obvious reasons.  Another is to reset the System Restore and System Restore will not give you calendar dates like in past versions.  It only gives a few days of options, the most recent active days.  You can be in safe mode but it's not generally necessary for Windows 10.  It may give a blue screen but don't panic.  This one is a more friendly blue screen that shows options of how to fix this situation.  One of them will be the System Restore, or change to Safe Mode with more options, or it may give a few other suggestions.  This is not a popular feature either.  

As for myself, I have opted for the delete and reinstall of the update and I have the patience to wait for it to come again.  If it messes up my print drivers, i have reinstalled my print drivers and when I did I found newer drivers that gave me better printing options in Photoshop.  Try not to go to the printer folder to find its update driver module, it never finds one, because printer drivers all have the same title with only a build number for a variable.  So instead, I go to the actual website, such as HP for printers to find my printer and reinstall its driver all over again.  HP constantly make their print drivers better so I might find a much better print driver than the one I got last.  When it installs you will go through the same process as if it's new.  So turn off the printer and turn it on once the driver is installed, and then the printer will initialize along with its new driver.  

Here are two other links more targeted toward the system restore feature.  
and another is in plain English and has more options of how System Restore can fix more things. 

I hope these help you understand Windows 10.  The main thing to know, Windows 10 is as stable as Windows XP ever was and that's because they share the same platform from NT and DOS-4.  Happy computing.   

Steve Lehman, MCSE, responding.        
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Just installed Win/10 1703 Creators Update on 7 of my computers.  PSE 14 and 15 work as before, no problems.  As well as LR CC and PS CC.