Photoshop: Ability to set the default frame duration for newly added clips in the video timeline

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This request comes from a forum thread where i was asking question about the new video features in cs6 and how they can bw used for animation and storyboarding. question number (1)

At present when adding a new clip to the timeframe the default duration is set to 60 frames. It would be very helpful if that value could be set by the user. Currently if you want to animate you have to manually drag the duration of every layer by hand to a shorter value. Time consuming and rather annoying.

I imagine the logical place to put something like this would be the timeline menu. It could be called "default layer duration" and could have the option of setting a time or number of frames. A bonus feature would be to have a check box for setting the duration to "auto duration". This would set the layer duration for an newly created layer to the same length as previous one. For example, if you create a new blank layer and drag is to 15 frames the next layer you create will also be 15 frames long.

A feature like this could really speed up the storyboarding and animation workflow.
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Posted 7 years ago

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woulkd be a very logical improvement
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Yes, this would be a great improvement!
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It makes so much sense!
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I agree. It would also make sense to be able to select multiple timelines and drag to a longer time span. After all it may not always be necessary to have all the timelines the same length in time.
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I'm surprised this was never in the design of the timeline feature.. but I guess it was mainly implemented for video editing and not animation. For animation this is a no brainer.
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Have you tried the Anim Dessin plugin? It's in the Exchange store.

EDIT: If Adobe added realtime audio scrubbing to the timeline, it'd be game, set and match as an animation app. It wouldn't take much. Even if they took a Photoshop lite approach and added in 2D animation features, it would be step up from anything that's out there.

Seriously, Adobe, please consider adding some basic classical animation features. (Like they'd ever read this!)
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I came looking for this. At the moment, I've been using flash as the animation work horse, with photoshop as the clean up. The process is a little tedious but I like the outcome. But Photoshop's automatic 60 frame BS slows an already slow process. An options feature would be nice, as I only really need one or two frames. ATM I'm just duplicating empty frames to keep them at 1 frame length but it's kinda dumb. I know it's a young feature but I would LOVE to see a more beefed up/efficient timeline.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled PHOTOSHOP : Change duration of all layers at once in viedeotimeline.

I would like to make a videoclip/slideshow containing about 100 pictures. i import all pictures in 1 document and in the videotimeline i click ==> make frames from clips so all my layers are arranged so one picture starts after another but ==> one picture is now appearing abut 1 second. How can i select all my layers (frames) at once and change the duration of the frames to about 5 seconds for all pictures at once?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: How can I change the default duration of 5 seconds to 4 or 3 seconds f....

I tied to create slideshow with CS6 but found 5 seconds is a bit too long.
What can I do?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled PHOTOSHOP: How to change duration in video timeline of all clips/frames at once.

I would like to make a videoclip with all my pictures of holliday. I created a videotimeline but how can i now change the duration of all clips/frames at once? You have to do it one by one now? Same with the cross fading between all frames/clips. It has to be done one by one :-(
Thank, you for your help!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Ability to modify the duration of multiple layers at once in the Timel....

In Photoshop's timeline, we can select multiple layers and move them at the same time, but what we can't do is select multiple layers and resize them at the same time like in After Effects.

We have to go through each layer, resize them one by one, or Split multiple layers, then select all of the leftovers and delete them.

This fix would be very helpful, especially when you work with tons of layers.

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From what I can see- still no go...