Photoshop CC 2018: Artboards, Layers, Line Height, Previews, Exporting

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On macOS High Sierra 10.13, Update CC 2018
Intel Core i7@2.9GHz, 16GB RAM, Radeon Pro 460


Performance when working with multiple Artboards in a single file is drastically worse.
When resizing an Artboard, all layers which contain elements that may not be visible in the Artboard after resizing are moved out of the Artboard, out of the groups they were previously in to the top of the layer list, regardless of whether they were visible or not.

Selecting an Artboard and trying to translate it may result in non-selected Artboards doing various things


Moving layers in the layer hierarchy is simply broken.
They do not stay in their place, instead seem to move around randomly.
Alt-Dragging a layer to duplicate has a 50% chance of not working and instead simply moving the layer.
Moving multiple layers through the hierarchy may yield varying results, especially when working with Artboards.

Line Height

Line Height adjustment has chances of
  • producing random results, regardless of input
  • always decrementing the current value, regardless of input/arrow keys/drag direction
  • always incrementing the current value, regardless of input/arrow keys/drag direction

Previews (especially Layer Thumbnails) may display either random content or simply wrongly coloured versions of what should be previewed, this seems to be a graphics issue.


Exporting to PDF has a chance of simply not creating a file.

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Lix Luthor

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Posted 2 years ago

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Shannon Ferguson

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Same things are happening to me. I can't change the line height of text AT ALL now in Photoshop. It just spazzes out and changes to random numbers in the thousands. Can only choose from the preset numbers for height. This is beyond frustrating. 
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Hannah Nicollet, Quality Engineer

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Hi Lix,

Thanks for taking the time to leave such thorough feedback.

The line height issue and there was also an issue with Alt shortcuts that should be resolved in the 19.0.1 update released last night. Please update Photoshop using the Creative Cloud desktop app and see how many of these issues remain. 

Thanks so much,
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Lix Luthor

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Hi Hannah,

I have already reviewed the update,
from what I can tell it seems the line height and number adjustments have indeed been fixed,
performance overall seemed a lot more stable than in the first release,
artboard performance seems noticeably improved,
alt-dragging to duplicate has proven very reliable (out of 80 fabricated test cases, 0 failed),
generally the layer sorting issues seem mostly resolved,

The problem with a layer being removed from its artboard to the top of the layer list once the artboard previously containing it has been resized in a way such that the new area of the artboard does not contain the bounds of said layer still persists.
I am not sure whether this is actually a bug or meant to be a feature, I haven't been able to find any relevant documentation, however for my use case it has proven to be a major inconvenience, since I frequently resize many artboards duplicated from each other in series and have to figure out where each layer belonged afterwards.

exporting to PDF and other formats works reliably now, importing and saving don't produce inaccurate error messages anymore (saving a file sometimes stated said file could not be accessed while it was still successfully created).

I was not able to verify a solution of the buggy previews, since I have not been able to determine a reproducible state for them to occur in.

Either way, thank you for the feedback, I'll update this entry accordingly (edit: I could not figure out a way to edit the root post)
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Hannah Nicollet, Quality Engineer

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It's good to hear that several of those issues have been resolved. Regarding the artboards, I'm not sure if what you're describing is expected behavior or not. Could you create a screen capture of what you're seeing and send it to me?