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When one exports the KW (Key Word) list, the resulting text file is a very nice, tab delimited (indented), hierarchical list than can be imported into Excel or Word nicely. In this list KW's that are set to "Do not export" are surrounded by square brackets ("[", "]") and text that are synonyms are surrouned by braces ("{", "}"). This is valuable information and very handy for reviewing your keywords.

However, there is no indication in the exported list as to the values of the "Export Synonym" check box, or the "Export Containing" checkbox. With many of us having several thousand keywords (in my case around 2500) it is important to be able to see a comprehensive list that shows all three check boxes as a way to visually assure that the settings are correct and to isolate individual keywords that may need to be adjusted.

I'd very much like to see this missing information added. My suggestion is to reserve the first 6 columns for fields (actually tab delimited) for this metadata as follows:

1) Explicit Photo count (# photos with this explicit KW)
2) Inherited photo count (# of photos with this or any of it's children KW's)
3) Type (a K or S indicating if the line is for a keyword or a synonym)
4) Is "Include on Export" checked (Y or N)
5) Is "Export Containing" checked (Y or N)
6) Is "Export Synonyms" checked (Y or N)
7) The KW or Synonmy itself with preceding tabs indicating hierarchy level (as in current list)

This sort of export list could then be easily imported into Excel or a Word table and used quite effectivly to help analyze the Keywords and isolate places where errors appear. With this added info, this sort of list could also be used as the source for an "Import keywords from file" operation such that all 3 check boxes get properly set.

Thanks -- Dan
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See also this topic, which would allow plugin authors to provide such enhanced capabilities:
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Doesn't look like this suggestion is making it to Version 5, so if others feel the same, chime in. The squeeky wheel etc.
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I needed to format my computer and now I have to adjust all my keywors manually to their original state. I'd also very much like to see the missing information (all the keyword tag options) added to the exported lists.