Proposed Lightroom Features Particularly for Video Editing

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Lightroom has become the heart of my image workflow as a photographer. Its image management allows me to keep a clear idea of what images I have for any given subject, to find those images, to edit them and then to export them as I require. However, the capabilities it has brought have highlighted some shortcomings that would improve it significantly. A couple of these are related to the normal image management but others relate to the video capabilities that have been introduced but are still in their infancy.
Below is a list of improvements that I think would significantly enhance Lightroom.
1. New file creation – Images are imported via the import dialog. However, if a new file is created from scratch, once you are finished creating it, you have to remember to import it to Lightroom in order to include in it the overall image management system. It would be very useful to be able to create a file via Lightroom. To create a new Photoshop file, you could start the creation process in Lightroom so it would be tagged and keyworded as required, named whatever is appropriate, saved where you want it saved and then available to open in Photoshop for the editing process.
2. Save As in Photoshop back to Lightroom – When a file is opened into Photoshop, any changes can be made and the file is then saved and reflected in Lightroom. If you then Save As the file to create a new version, this file is invisible to Lightroom. It would be a big improvement in file management to have that file automatically saved back into Lightroom carrying across the tagging of the original file.
3. Open Video from Lightroom – Photoshop has been given video editing capability. Lightroom manages video and even allows the video to be edited for length. However, there is no way for the video clips to be opened in Photoshop. This functionality should be added. Moreover, in the same way that images can be opened as smart objects, video clips should be similarly opened so the editing file does not become too large and the clips can be edited using Photoshop’s capabilities.
4. Open Video as Layers – As well as opening the video clips as smart objects, it should be possible to open multiple clips into one file as layers in the same way you can with images. Since layers as used to make sequential video clips, opening multiple files as once to make one composition would be a smoother workflow.
5. Carry across video cutting to Photoshop – In Lightroom it is possible to edit the length of a video clip. If video is then to be opened in Photoshop, it should be possible to include these edits, either as a smart object that retains the original file properties or as a new video clip with the edited length.
6. Rendered video imported to Lightroom – In Photoshop, once the editing of the footage is complete, you can save the edited PSD file. However, if you render the video, the rendered output is outside the management systems of Lightroom. It should be possible to automatically have the finished video imported to Lightroom in order to continue the file management practices.
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It's an interesting idea, but I wish Adobe would get LR working brilliantly - and quickly - as the RAW still image editor is is supposed to be before they embark on additional video editing tools.

Making it fully compatible with an excellent video editor would be a better solution; having worked in visual s/w product management for years I've learned the inevitable result of trying to make one product do everything is that it ends up doing nothing well - as many have noticed with shortcomings on the photo side and you have just identified on the video side. That's why Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are all different products; the do different things with images that use different formats.
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