Lightroom: Process Version Warning Icon needs to be more visible

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This is a cross post from the LR5 Beta forum, but as it seems unlikely that my request will make it into the production release of LR 5.0, it was suggested that i post it here as well.

The out of date PV (Process Version) icon has changed from an "!" to a lightening bolt, has shrunk in size and has been moved from the Image iteself to the histogram of all places. What it has to do with the histogram, or the meaning of a lightening bolt to represent it, is beyond me, but that's not my point.

The problem is that it is too obscure to be noticed unless you deliberatly go looking for it. For one thing it still doesn't appear in the Library Module, it's way too small, and it's in an obscure location. This icon needs to be more prominent and noticable even when you don't know you're looking for it (and not on a closable panel). Many times in my daily workflow I grab an image for some purpose and notice the "!" right away and then convert the image to the current PV before I start adjusting it. However, in LR5 this icon is no longer where I'll be apt to notice it and I am likely to go quite a ways down the adjustments path only to notice later that I'm working in an old PV. Then I update to the current PV only to see my image switch to a different interpretation of the changes I made. This then requires me to go back and start over with adjustment. In other words it is likely to waste quit a bit of my time.

I'd like to see the PV icon moved to a more prominent place and made larger. I think the Icon should be more indicative of what it means. For example, a gray rectangle with "PV 2010" (or whatever PV the image is using) written on it. It would also be nice to be able to turn on a preview image badge for "out of date PV" but this is secondary.

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