Lightroom: Externally edited files opened from Lr save back to same drive as raw source file. Read on for more details...

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Lightroom 5

Current behavior: When opening a file into Ps via "Open as Smart Object in Photoshop", the default is to save it back to the same location where the raw source file resides.

Issue: This is a problem when the source raw file resides on an archive drive that I wish to use as read-only. From a stability/longevity standpoint, I don't want to write any new files to the archive drive. Also, in many cases, the Ps files I save are multi-layered 1Gb+ tiffs. My full archive drives don't even have room to save the file.

Possible solution: In Lr's Preferences > External Editor pane, offer an option to identify a folder/drive as a drop location for saving externally edited psd/tiff files. This option would also instruct Lr to automatically catalog that file.

Current work-around: Clunky, at best. Do a "save as..." to the edited file and save it on a working drive (not the archive drive). The hazard is that even after the initial "save as...", if I hit "save", the file is written to the drive where the raw source file resides, in my case the archive drive. Not good.

There is further discussion of this issue at:
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Posted 4 years ago

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I agree with this, as I've stated in the forum mentioned above: "my main reason for saving on a different drive/location is that an edited photo can become 1Gb or more in size, depending on how much I process it in Photoshop. Combining my terabytes of photos plus terabytes of the edited PSDs won't both fit on one hard drive (plus I don't like my all my eggs in one basket)".

Hope to see a solution like that mentioned above too.
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I use InDesign for creating books and other documents that contain linked TIFF files created using LR's 'Edit In PS' command. In many cases I prefer to save these linked image files to a separate subfolder inside my InDesign project folder, but keep the camera raw files where they were originally imported. This could be easily implemented as follows:

Add a separate option check box titled 'Save Location Prompt' in the LR Preferences> External Editing tab. When this option is checked a dialogue box should pop-up for every 'Edit In' command with a browse field for selecting the drive 'Save To" location. The location should be "sticky" and also offer a list of the most recently used locations. Lightroom should also automatically add the PS edited image file to the image database when the 'Save' command is used inside PS. This way Keywords, Ratings, and all other LR database resident tags associated with the raw file will be automatically added to the TIFF file.
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I also agree with this. It will be much easier to separate RAW files from TIFF and, even, PSD files used with external tools such InDesign, iBooks author, BookWright, ProShow and so on.
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Absolutely agree.
As an artist, I keep my original raw files on an external drive and all my working files on the local drive.  To keep this structure organised and clean in Lightroom is very cumbersome.

I constantly have to import new files, manually copy keywords, etc. simply because I want to save different versions in my own folder structure.

The addition of a checkbox in LR preferences will not affect "simple" users of the software, but will make it far more flexible and functional for anyone who doesn't conform to the default workflow.

Please introduce this.