Premiere Elements: Problems with Premiere Elements 10 and 9

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1 bug: When using the button 'Freeze Frame' in a project 16 / 9, the display of the image is in a format 4 / 3 (bug applies to versi
ons 9 and 10).

2nd problem enough intermittent and does not occur with an ATI graphics card (valid for versions 9 and 10). At reading of a project,
the screen goes black and then reappears with the message at the bottom of the screen "The NVIDIA OpenGL driver nvlddmkm stop respo
nding and was recovered successfully." on the program, I have the following message "The NVIDIA OpenGL driver detected a problem wit
h the display driver and IS Unable to continue, this application must close. Please visit http / / / page / support.html
for help > error code 4 ".
I have the latest drivers for my graphics card and visited the address and I found nothing about this problem.

3 rd problems that I created errors are not visible with version 10. In Project > Media and we choose a medium and the context menu
we choose "Replace the film" it changes the media by the new, but it does not change the associated media line in the assembly line
or scene line when it is used.

4 th problem with version 10, minor problem. In assembly line or line stage, we choose a media and in the context menu we choose "Re
place the element of the project" It replaces the element with the element selected in the media library, but in this library there
are no use green marks . You have to choose another media for this mark and number appear.

5 th issue applies to versions 9 and 10. When selecting a project in assembly and rendering the work area, it is a rendering of the
project. But if the project is closed and you open it again, it opens the files but if there is made one way or another media and I
did not understand, he does not return the record in this area and you have made a remake.

6 th minor problem specific to version 10. Following a report of the work area, location of some transitions, it does not show the m
edia, but it displays a panel "media pending". We must just remove the transition and then go to "Edit" and "Reset" for all returns
to normal.

7 th isolated to version 10. In the Media library, when replacing the media by the command context "Replace the film," after replaci
ng a number of media, the image becomes gray and no longer shows the media. For other media, it shows an error cannot play the media
so that at the opening of the project, the media is read correctly.
Due to problems caused by the case 3, it was impossible to restore a file in my project, yet I was able to open it again and watch i
t and make a report. To export the project file in AVCHD or MPEG2-TS had errors "Error multiplexing" and more often the message "The
memory is almost full, please register your project and stay alert and there cannot be closed first running continuously and it mus
t close the task manager. To export a file VMW, sometimes it does not crash but it creates a ridiculous not readable without error m

I said that I am using Windows Vista 32-bit and therefore I have 3 GB of RAM because I often the message "Memory allocated nearly sa
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Posted 7 years ago

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Lorsque je pose le problème au support Adobe en France, on me dit de le poser sur ce post et l'on clos le problème. Je vois que j'ai posé c'est problèmes il y a presque un an et rien n'est réglé. Pour le cas N°1, je viens de vérifier. J'ouvre un projet PAL DVD Ecran large 16/6 avec Première Elements 9,10 et 11. Je mets une vidéo PAL DVD 16/9 et je prends une image figée que j'enregistre en .bmp. J'image enregistrée est pour Première Elements 9,10,11 en 4/3 donc pas bonne. J'avais déjà signalé ce cas auparavant avec Adobe Première 9 à l'aide en France. Voilà ce qu'il en est, on clos mon cas et on corrige rien. Bravo le service assistance en France et Adobe.
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Si l'on ne me crois pas, voici des images figée d'un projet DVD 16/9 PAL.
Vous trouverez des images à l'adresse :

et en voici d'autres prise avec la version : Mon projet-9
avec la version 10 : Mon projet-10
et avec la nouvelle version 11 : Mon projet-11