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We really need a "convenient" way to print.  Some of us still like to create prints to hang on a wall.  While I know the printing is still available in "classic", to be able to move forward with Adode, an integrated print function needs to be added to Lightroom CC.
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Posted 5 months ago

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Alan Fletcher

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Still no printing. WTF are they thinking?
Adobe managed to squash my satisfaction level to a meager <meh>
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I am so frustrated!
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Two of the most basic features - watermarking and printing - still not being available just baffles me. I don't understand how Adobe expects us to use the new version when such key features are still absent.
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Darren Weston

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Need to print please....
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Allen Wehrmann

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I agree with all of you! How can Adobe not have the ability to print? What are they thinking? Will you be coming out with a print module soon? How about migrating the module from Classic?
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First thing I tried... was to print.... Second thing I tired... sharing on Instagram. Neither present. Sticking with classic
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Printing and Instagram are #3 and #4 on my list!
#1 is smart collections
#2 is being able to keyword multiple pictures at once

Once Adobe hits these four items I’ll be VERY happy. RIght now I’m “just” happy with LRCC. I haven’t used Classic since CC was released!

My fingers are crossed waiting for the next update
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new subject

Please reference the new conversation here: Lightroom Mobile: How do I print from Lr Mobile
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Does anyone know if it is possible to print in the new LR CC? Or is the lack of a print module a new Adobe feature?
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Kim Sosson

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Pls implement printing in LRCC. Otherwise LRCC is a great tool, but a workaround for printing is lame and no, I don't have LRclassicCC. Ditched it for LRCC. Thx for taking care.