Photoshop CC 2019: Print settings dialog box slow with Canon PRO-4000 printer

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The Photoshop "Print Settings" dialog box is slow to open and slow to return to Photoshop when I'm printing to a Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-4000 printer. It takes 3-5 seconds to open when I click CTRL-P and then, when I exit from the printer's dialog box, Photoshop freezes for 5-10 seconds before it returns control to me. During these delays, Task Manager shows "Spooler SubSystem App" jumping to the top processor-utilization spot and staying there. It's as though "Spooler SubSystem App" is taking a long time to do something, and Photoshop has to wait for it to do its thing before it continues working. This delay is only in Photoshop; there is no other significant delay in any other program or any other Creative Cloud app: Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom Classic, Microsoft Word, GIMP, and all other apps work OK--except Photoshop.

Machine: Latest Windows 10 build, 4-core Intel Core i7 processor that's 4 years old, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1080 card. Just upgraded to all CC 2019 apps. Photoshop is the latest build as of 11/4/2018. Printer is a brand-new Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-4000 with the latest drivers.

Called Adobe support. They said they'd escalate after a screen sharing session and never called back. I called back 3 days later. I spent 2 hours and 15 minutes on the phone during a long screen sharing session. Problem not solved. Supervisor called back. Another long screen sharing session. Problem not solved. Installed the previous (2018) version of Photoshop. Problem not solved. We logged in under the administrator account. Problem not solved. We tried disabling the GPU, resetting preferences, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver. Problem not solved. In the end, the support person said that it's a problem with the Canon print driver. However, the Canon print driver is fast on all other apps except Photoshop. The s-l-o-w appearance and dismissing of the Canon print driver is only in Photoshop, and only with that printer.

Other than this delay, everything works flawlessly in Creative Cloud. Prints look gorgeous. I have not gotten any errors of any kind in any of the CC apps.

I ended up refreshing Windows and installing Creative Cloud on an SSD that I just bought. The computer previously had an SSD for the operating system and a magnetic disk for the installation of Creative Cloud. But now, everything is on an SSD. The problem is not as bad, but it still exists; it got better by about 20-30%.

I used Windows Process Monitor to see what was going on with Spooler SubSystem App and spoolsv.exe. During the time that Photoshop is delayed in opening the printer settings dialog box, spoolsv.exe is making hundreds of thousands of requests to the registry to look up printer-related information. Maybe that's a clue?

I hope that Adobe and Canon get together to fix this problem, as the delay is costing me money: I don't make money unless I ship out prints, and this is causing a significant delay in my workflow.
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Günter Nebl

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Gladly checking this issue on the brand new update (20.0.4).
Sadly realized that this issue isn't still fixed. Printer dialogbox takes up to 40 seconds (if started normally) and 10 seconds "if "run as administrator" is used".
My parallel installed photoshop version 2014 (15.0) takes 2 seconds to display the printer dialog box startet "normally".
I'm experiencing no issues with my printer Canon Pixma 4950 in other programms, only in Photoshop. Even Lightroom works great.

I tried all workarounds which can be found on the internet (driver installation in different modes, canon drivers, drivers support via windows updates and so on), but nothing was really helpful except running photoshop as administrator.
This is really annoying, when you're sitting there together with your client and waiting hours for hours for your prints.

I'm working on a PC:
Win 10 64 Bit
NVidia GTX 970 4K
all optimized for speed
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I had this exact problem and, like you, it was very specific. Only when printing to my Canon Pro-1 printer in Photoshop, did it take over a minute for every click in the dialog box to respond.
I have Acronis Backup on my PC and it has enabled Active protection by default. In resource monitor I can see CPU 7 (only a quad CPU system?) maxing out. When I disable Active Protection in Acronis everything responds instantly. I have message Acronis and will post any reply I get here.

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Dear Mr. Wragg:  Thank you! Turning off active protection in Acronis Backup reduced print window lag from ~5 seconds to ~1 second. (Windows 10 64, 4.2GHz cpu, 32Gb memory).
Slow aspect had come and gone with Adobe updates and (Windows 10 updates?).

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I had this exact problem and, like you, it was very specific.
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Tony Roberts

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I had this problem today. The fix (after many hours) is to whitelist Photoshop in Acronis Active Protection
See here..

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you are my idol after many months stuck your solution works. Thanks