Lightroom Classic: Primary Monitor alway on the right side

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I'm sorry, but though I'm not a native speaker I fear that I might not use the right words to describe my minor problem. But I hope that it will become clear enough.
Every time I start Lightroom Classic the primary monitor is on the right and the auxilliary monitor is on the left. On my desktop it's just the other way around due to restrictions of my desk. It's easy to change the working area to the left and the auxilliary area (i. e. the selection pattern) to the right, but it's quiet annoying to do so every time I start LR Classic. Is there anything I can do about this? The nice lady from customer support said no, but maybe there's something she didn't know. Or is this a feature that could maybe be part of a future Update of LR?
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Posted 8 months ago

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Unless you are using a Notebook you can set the Primary monitor to either the right or left screen and it will stay like that for ever. This is an OS setting and has nothing to do with LR or any program.
Also normally if you open a program on the primary monitor then move it to the secondary, or the reverse, then Close that program it should then open on the monitor it was last on and when you closed it. 
My browser always open on my left monitor, Secondary monitor, LR opens on the right. If I move my browser window to my right primary monitor and then close it the next time I open it it is on the right monitor.
Same should happen with LR. Except if you are using a notebook and disconnect it from the secondary monitor and or if the notebook takes time to see you have a second monitor and initialize it.
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Yeah you go to Mission Control, then drag the window you want to the monitor (say "Desktop 1) that you want.
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In my experience, this dual monitor reversal happens from time to time, with no change being made at the (Mac) OS level. When I find LR Classic opening with the main window on the wrong (that is, the right hand) monitor and the secondary window on the left monitor, this is what I do: I click the “2” to turn off the secondary window, then drag the main window from the right to the left monitor, and then click the “2” to turn the secondary window back on, and all is good until the next time this monitor switch spontaneously occurs.