Previews slow to load, load, then disappear. Lightroom CC sluggish/crashes.

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I plugged in my wife's iPhone to import >11,000 pictures and videos.

I had problems with unreadable files and other issues - see here:

I upgraded to 2015.5 hoping to fix the issue.

I posted here about the import problems after the upgrade.


I appear to have made a logical error: post hoc fallacy (Wikipedia is my friend.) - assuming that it was the upgrade that was the issue with Lightroom stalling, as I had cleaned all bad files from the disk, and it worked in Windows 10. 

The solution:

1) Nobody else was reporting quite the same problem, and a complete uninstall and reinstall, and wiping all preferences, didn't fix the issue - ergo it is probably (But not definitely) local to me and not Lightroom.

2) The NTFS driver from Paragon was similarly not showing issues like this in the forum, and a complete uninstall and reinstall, and wiping all preferences, didn't fix the issue ergo it is probably (But not definitely) local to me and and not the NTFS driver.

3) I had created a new catalogue and this worked on the PC flawlessly - ergo it was not the catalogue.

4) Various and numerous tests confirmed the HDD was working well - ergo it was not the WD Elements hard drive.

This left me wondering, what about the cleaning of the files after that failed import from the iPhone? It worked on Windows 10, but is that enough to say they're problem free?

Thankfully, I have a double backup, so I reformatted the HDD (To ExFAT this time - but this, I am sure, is not the issue as the backups are all NTFS*), and restored/copied up from the second backup.

Bingo! The Macbook accepted the files and catalogue and has survived many restarts and reboots today. Problem solved! 

After the failed import, there were clearly some files that caused issues with the Mac and were not a problem for Windows. *I am convinced ExFat is not the issue, as I also loaded the NTFS second backup into the Mac and it worked fine! It was the messed up iPhone import leaving some problem files that my purging missed.

I blame Lightroom's import module. It is buggy (Until recently videos in the picture folders caused problems) and other people report issues with the flaky nature and 'fussiness' of the import module; particularly many people have issues with iPhone connectivity. 

This all started with the iPhone import. Apple cable, Apple phone, Apple computer, Adobe software. The Macbook was powered by AC and the whole thing left alone to import. After import, I had duplicate, but broken, files, broken files that were not duplicated, and other issues.

I can't find anyone with the same solution - but many with similar issues regarding the import module. 

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