Lightroom: Display GPS coordinates with more precision

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For those, such as biologists, who also use LR to keep precise GPS data associated with specific photographs (which is such a helpful feature), ensuring that LR maintains the original precision of the data entered would be a very desirable upgrade.

I recently obtained excellent help from Victoria Bampton ( in figuring out how to manually enter GPS coordinates into LR, which I now use for the very specific reason mentioned above. Therefore, precision of the data is of utmost importance. However, in the process of then entering my data I have noticed three things in LR:
1) Lightroom actually rounds up the coordinates after they are entered before accepting them; 45o49'05.5''N77o00'52.9''W therefore actually becomes 45o49'6''N77o00'53''W. So that's a small loss in precision.

2) It's possible to convert coordinates to the degrees-decimals format (45o49'05.5''N77o00'52.9''W therefore becomes 45.81819N-77.01469) and Lightroom will accept them as well. However, it will not keep them recorded in degrees decimals, but convert them back to degrees-minutes-seconds, and round them up again in the process, still loosing precision.

3) Interestingly enough, it rounds them slightly differently and the result is now 45o49'5''N77o00'53''W. A very minor difference, but still.

I don't know if geotagging data that is associated in LR with photographs with the many available apps also gets rounded that way, but I would certainly suggest an update in LR that ensure that any coordinates entered, either manually or through geotagging applications or other means, retain the original precision with which they were entered in LR, whatever that precision is, without any rounding applied.

Adobe, through the addition of GPS data to Lightroom, has knowingly or unknowingly, created an incredible tool that goes far beyond remembering where a picture was taken an seeing it on a map. And I'm certain that there are many other groups, other than biologists, that also see in this function a godsend in being able to keep precise data associated with pictures, in something as user-friendly as the metadata interface in Lightroom, and use it directly without having to use other applications.

Best regards.
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