Preserve details 2.0 when using freetransform

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When using FreeTransform in Photoshop, I can't use the technology of preserve details2.0..
When using ImageSize there is this option, that I really like. But when upscaling an image manually with control/command-T I only have the older (less in quality) options. 
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Posted 10 months ago

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I believe that details 2.0 is using machine learning and it is compatible only with scaling not rotating, perspective and other kinds of transformations. 
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It would be nice to have a mouse rollover of the description of these scaling options, as I would be open to trying them more often in different scaling situations.

I'm sure there is a description, but in the middle of a project, I'd rather not stop and Google it.

From what I can see if you use transform tool, scale up, and before committing, it does not show a preview for comparison.
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Yes, I agree 100% this AI upscale would be great if embedded into Free Transform.
I would also add that putting it as a checkbox option within Fit Image would be nice.

Really, wherever possible would be grand!  

One workaround for Free Transform I do:

  1. Group layers to scale
  2. Convert group to smart object.
  3. Scale it up to what you need, and note the scale %.
  4. Change it back to 100%.
  5. Open up the smart object
  6. Scale using image size with Preserve Details to needed scale %.
  7. Save and close

Now your smart object item is pre-scaled, reads at 100% and has presevered details. Because it's 100% PS doesn't see the layer as having any transforms, as long as you didn't add any distortion, warping, etc.This means you can now right click and convert to layers and back to smart object as desired (if on a newer version of PS).