Premiere Elements 11: App purchased on Mac App Store not loading with MacOS 10.9

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After upgrading to mavericks Mac OS adobe premiere elements 11 will not open. After loading for about 3 minutes (normally takes 10 seconds) it fails.

Initializing application... (2 minutes)
Loading ExporterQuickTimeHost.bundle (1 minute)

Then "Adobe Premiere Elements 11 Editor quit unexpectedly"
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Posted 6 years ago

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Premiere Elements 11: Issue running on MacOS 10.9.

I bought this program last year in September, and I have the invoice that comes from itunes with all details on. I bought it in App Store
Since I installed Mavericks, my Premiere Elements stop working, the launch page takes ages to open while before was quick, and when it goes to Charging ExporterQuickTimeHost.... it disappear from the screen and nothing else happen.

Then in App Store I find my program and it says " installed" and when i clic on the program to reinstall it, it fails, it says that program its not in app store anymore.
so impossible to download it again.

I sent an email to Itunes, they reply that unfortunately they cannot do nothing because its now an issue with Adobe support, app store had only as a link of the program from Adobe. and Adobe removed that program from the app store with no justifications. I have the emails from itunes and I can forward it to who are interested.
So I go to Adobe support direct chat, I explain all and the support person, ask to have access to my computer which I give, after checking around, he was not able to find the cause, and then he tells me, OK we need to re-install it again, please give me the serial number.
But there is no serial number in apps bought via App-Store, I explained and I send even the email from Itunes that explain that and that Adobe is aware of it and showing the invoice and the app-store bougt page with the programs plus other files, it should be enough to proof that I was having a full working version.
But the guy did not want to do anything.. just said - go to App store or itunes and ask them the serial number, I went to itunes/app store again ask for it, the answer was the same and clear, no serial, its Adobe responsability... so I went again back to adobe that tells me.. go to itunes/app store... And finally I got absolutelly no help.
I believe in Itune/app store support, I got really a very good comunication with them, and seeing such fustrating situtation, they even offer me 25 euros of music in Itune, its not much I know but as this is an issue with adobe, they were not obliged to do it.
Adobe support really left me like a piece of ...... ( something you do in the toilette)
I know there is the premiere elements 12. but why do I have to buy twice or a program to work only a few months or days or hours for some here...

I will see if I can remove mavericks.. I am fedup of problems.
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I installed the Premiere Elements 12 from adobe (30 days try) and so far it works well with Mavericks.
Première éléments 12 its pretty the same as 11.