Photoshop: Preferences to turn off auto-commit and double click to edit text

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It's cool that you guys added the addition to auto commit and double click to edit text but please add into tool preferences the ability to turn this off. I just downloaded photoshop 2019 and I keep accidentally editing text instead of moving it and then when I'm rotating or scaling objects it will auto commit for me when I didn't want it to.

Also can you please put other things in preferences to like scaling using the shift key and other things that were changed for usability? People that have been using the program for a really long time are used to it working one way and then just changing it to the opposite is really tough to get used to. Would be very nice to have the option to turn these things on or off depending on if I want them to work a certain way.
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Can confirm, this is screwing me up. I hold shift to click and move multiple text layers and sometimes it just does nothing. I reinstalled CC 2018. Let me turn this feature off.
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I have adapted my habits or gotten used to every other UI change in Photoshop over the last 21 years. I have been trying for months now to accept auto-commit/commit click.

I. Can't. Handle. It.

I'll be zooming in real close to modify the bounding box of a crop or a transform, tweaking it little by little on a very large image and trying to get it just right when BAM. I accidentally click outside of an invisible boundary and commit. It's infuriating and tedious to have my progress thrown away and have to start over every time I do this.
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You guys (as in photoshop devs) we are into you trying to think of ways to make the product better. But you HAVE to respect the people that have been using your product for decades and not change things in ways without given options to turn them on/off. I have years of muscle memory built up and it basically migraine inducing having to re-think about some of these daily tasks. 
Double click is one of these. Great in theory but def slows me down when trying to move a text layer. Would be GREAT (dare I say vital?) to be able to turn this off. 
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Very annoying. And this is supposed to be a usability improvement?!?!

Can't even drag in guides while transforming (have to use ⌘-drag from Rulers now).

Adobe, please stop messing around and stop adding so called imoprovements like this without the option to turn it off.

How am I supposed to correct a transform when I click accidentally click outside the transform area? Redo it from start? Make every layer Smart Object first? Come on!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Terminal command for eliminating rotate commit click enforcement.

Can any of the coding geniuses behind the terminal command for killing the shift key requirement for transform (and others) find one to kill the rotate commit click blunder?
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Remember guys, whether or not you uninstall 2019 and use a more functional version, just be sure to keep paying that monthly fee! 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please include the option to disable the "double tap text edit" feature in Photos....

These new feature is annoying advanced Photoshop users since it hinders our workflow because it's too easy to activate it accidentally when moving things around, specially if you work with a graphic tablet.
Please include a way to disable it in the next update. =(