Photoshop: Poor Spanish translation for gamut and gamma

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Gamut (which means "range of possible colors in a color space") is translated into Spanish as "gama", while gamma (the greek letter used to symbolize the luminance of mid tones), is left as-is as "gamma" in the Spanish localization of all Adobe apps. That greek letter in Spanish, though, is actually also called "gama", while "gamma" is not a correct term in Spanish. Keeping the English name of the letter for the Spanish localization does not serve the purpose of avoiding the potential user confusion between both, as pronunciation in Spanish is identical for both, and therefore it is easy to take one for the other when reading documentation.

It would be more correct and useful to refer to the luminance of mid tones as "gama", i.e. using the proper Spanish name of the greek letter used to symbolize it, and translate "gamut" as "rango". Not only would that make it easier to distinguish between both, but commands using either term would convey their purpose in a much more obvious manner.

Why translating "gamut" as "rango"?:

"Gamut" is somewhat of a synonym to "color range". So "Gamut Warning" in the menu View, being kind of short for "Produce a warning on areas whose colors fall out of the gamut, i.e. out of the range of possible colors in this color space, i.e. out of this color space's color range", would become "Aviso de rango", being short, in Spanish, for "Crear avisos en las áreas cuyos colores quedan fuera del rango de colores posibles en este espacio de color".

The definition of "rango" according the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language ( is "Amplitud de la variación de un fenómeno entre un límite menor y uno mayor claramente especificados") which fits the concept of "gamut" perfectly.
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