Photoshop CC 19.1: PNG Images Opens with Distortion

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From time to time, when I open a png image, it will appear as bright, distorted lines.

I have deleted all Photoshop preference files, uninstalled the app, reinstalled it and restarted the computer. Does not prevent it from happening.

When it happens, I can quit Photoshop and reopen it and the png appears correctly. But then it will happen again later that day or the next. Rinse/Repeat.

Very annoying. Please get better quality control Photoshop. CC seems to get progressively worse in terms of bugs.

Photoshop 19.1
Mac osX 10.13.2
5k iMac
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Posted 2 months ago

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Yes it got fixed. Will post an update if it happens again. Thanks much!
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Thank you for confirming it's fixed for you Amarneethi!
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Fixed for me too.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Problem opening PNG files with Colour Profile set to "Display".

After updating to Photoshop 19.1.0 on OS X 10.12.6 this morning I discovered that opening screenshots results in a corrupted image.


Original screenshot:

How it looks in Photoshop:

This happens consistently with every screenshot, but other files seemed to be fine. If I drag the screenshot into a document as a smart object, it displays fine—until I open the smart object, at which point it corrupts.

I suspected it was something to do with the colour profile as PNGs set to sRBG were opening fine. I made a new document with the colour profile set to Display (the default for screenshots on OS X), put some stuff into it and saved it as a PNG.

Opening that PNG up resulted in the same sort of corruption show above.

So it seems to be limited to PNGs with a colour profile set to Display. Seems small, but it's very frustrating at the moment as I use a lot of screenshots in my work. Hope it gets fixed soon!
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Update Photoshop to 19.1.2. It will fix this issue.