Plus account type discontinued? What? Bought mine yesterday!

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Brett N marked a topic (see URL below) solved, but my question there was never answered. So I am starting this new topic.
Let me explain: Brett N said that "
quote: " . . . we have discontinued the Plus account type." Oh great!

The other day I bought Premiere Elements 10, then bought PLUS membership yesterday for $49, to get all the extras for Premiere Elements 10, And now Brett N says (see the URL below) that "we have discontinued the Plus account type". WHAT?!

This is not fair. Adobe takes out money, gives us nothing . . . If there isn't any solution for this, I want my money refunded. I bought this Plus membership not to get any extra 20GB space, but to get all the "extras" as advertised. Wow, how devious on Adobe's part, not to change their advertising before taking my money!

So my question on this topic needs to be answered:
==> How can I download all the Plus content that is supposed to be available, according to all of Adobe's advertising everywhere? So I can have all the extra themes, DVD menus, effects, titles, etc. etc. that you see advertised all over Adobe's web sites? Huh? Otherwise, Adobe owes me justice and a refund.

Please see my question again, and please answer it. Here is the URL. My question is the last one:
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