Plus sign in develop module does not work when LightRoom used in Spanish/Espanol on Mac.

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When using Lightroom in Spanish/Español (which happens when LR inherits the preferred language that is set in the Systems Preferences Language panel (Idioma y región)) to any version of Español (but in particular México Español where I've done most of my testing), regardless of which keyboard you've chosen in Systems Preferences, the plus sign "+" (wherever it is in the keyboard you've chosen) in the develop module does not function as documented... it does nothing, in fact. It is supposed to increase the value of whichever slider you've chosen. It is partially replaced by use of the apostrophe, but it's not documented, and also doesn't function properly with all of the key modifiers that applied to the plus sign. This is a significant hit for workflow, is a simple bug that has been around for years, and needs a keyboard mapping update.

Again, normally the plus sign increases the value of the slider chosen in the develop module by an amount dependent on the presence of any modifier keys. So, for example, with your keyboard set to USA/Estadounidense (on the Mac, under Systems Preferences/Preferencias del Sistema, Keyboard/Teclado, Input Sources/Fuentes de entrada), you will find that the apostrophe key (between the semicolon ";" and the return key) will increase your slider values in the develop module, by 0.1. This is a function that is documented to happen when one uses the plus sign, not the apostrophe. The minus sign "-" still works as before, subtracting 0.1. If you hold down the option key, the apostrophe increases the selected value by 0.02 (again, should be the plus). and the minus sign subtracts. Shift-minus drops by 0.33. but shift-apostrophe does nothing (shift-plus should but doesn't). Currently I use LR CC 2015 on a Mac running Yosemite 10.10.3.

While keystrokes may be remapped in some languages to where what is an apostrophe on the USA keyboard is a plus sign "+" in others, it certainly doesn't in either of the Spanish keyboards on the Mac that come with the out-of-the-box OS. So it's not just that the plus sign moved to where the apostrophe is printed on the keyboard; rather, this is just a mistake in keyboard mapping by Adobe. It's easy to fix, has been around for years, and is a workflow tax.
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Looking at es.lproj/TranslatedStrings.txt, it looks like ' increments exposure by 0.02 and ? increments it by 0.33. (And switching LR's language to Spanish confirms it.)

Over the years there have been many complaints about keyboard mapping in other languages. If you'd like to see the situation improved before the next ice age, you could change the mappings yourself by editing the file TranslatedStrings.txt. See this thread, and the last post in particular: