Lightroom: Ability to export books as spreads

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It would save us all a lot of time if we could export our books created in Lightroom as spreads. Currently it exports as pages that even have to be re-pieced back together. Strangely though when one picture takes up two pages it always exports that one as a spread. So it should definitely be possible with a minor tweak in the settings. Thanks!
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Posted 6 years ago

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I *LOVE* the new book module. As a wedding photographer who does layout for many albums and books throughout the year, this interface and workflow is such an improvement from PS, InDesign, "SWAT", etc. I just have two important suggestions:

1) When exporting, I need *both* the spreads and the pages to export as full spreads. Right now, to .jpg export, the spread layouts export as spreads and the pages as half-spreads. Can we at least have the option? I know you're linked to Blurb, but I usually use album companies that require spreads.

2) More importantly, we really really need more layout options. Or a way to customize existing ones? Or both! Specifically the 2-page spread options that I use a lot: For example, in the 12x12" layout I want one photo to fill the spread, but then to inset a smaller image over the spread image. This should be an obvious option ;) but a bonus would be if we could adjust the position of the layout.

There is one layout that I like, the 2/3 full spread image with a smaller vertical image overlapping the right. But where is the option that has the image to the left of the spread image? We really need the option to FLIP horizontally some of those layouts. Further down the road, a dream list of mine would be to add the opacity option to an image/frame :)

Attached is a reference image to the two issues I mentioned.

If I could just get those TWO layouts added as presets, I would send you some homemade chocolate chip cookies -- they are literally the best. You just have to trust me on this! Thanks,

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LR4 Book module: please add more full-spread layout options, and exporting options.
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Enhance the Book Module PDF export. I need to export a whole printsheet, containing both pages.

My favourite printshop only accepts pdfs or image files representing a whole "doublepage". This would also be useful for exporting the complete book for a customer review.

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Lightroom: Ability to export whole doublepage PDFs.
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Please make it possible to export as spreads. Every professional works in spreads, not pages. Albums that are designed seamless are built in spreads. It is a pain stitching these pages back together.

How about more export options too, like tiff, psd?

My clients look at my design and make edits to the design. It would be nice to be able to more layout images around with ease too.
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Please! :)
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Yes, definitely Books need more custom options, right now you have SmartAlbuns competing with you in this field.