Please remove that terrible open screen from PS 2018

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I can't believe that someone in Adobe hadn't stopped the open screen from being released. To me I see a young woman who has suffered trauma at some point and has the remaining skin discoloration as reminder of it.
Please don't move this to the user modify open screen thread. Let's hear what others think about it.
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Ronald Chambers

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  • Nauseated by the open screen.

Posted 2 years ago

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Rob Rippengale

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I also posted a request to fix this incredibly ugly problem and was moved to a thread that was started a long time ago so this is an old issue that is obviously being ignored. I cannot imagine why we are being forced to look at this horrible image every time we start Photoshop. There should be a way to select or at least remove the startup image.


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I agree! The layout and coloring is, at the very least, bothersome. I've never been so annoyed by an opening screen as I have from this one.
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wow, you all are getting triggered by a painting?

where exactly is the trauma you're seeing?
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I totally agree!!!! Every time i open PS 2018, my creativity dies.
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There is 119 comments and only 2 comments dislikes it:

Is whole Behance only about adulation and flattery... so people are unable to write real opinion and constructive criticism? I also don't like it but I can live with it. Or maybe we are only 2% of people who don't like it?
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Warren Heaton

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Have any of those who are unhappy with the 2018 splash screen reached out to the creators to share their dissatisfaction?  

Here's their behance page:

I can't speak for Elizaveta, Janusz, Michael, John or Jasmine, but I'm sure that they're thrilled to have their creation chosen for the current splash screen (I know I would be).

For what it's worth, the artwork currently has 2,393 likes and 119 dislikes out of 24,174 views. 
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Rob Rippengale

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I'm not going to sign up with Behance just to post a dislike and tell them they have no taste. This image is horrible and the related artwork on that page is no better. If this is Behancing I'm glad I have nothing to do with it.
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donald deaton

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you would think that adobe would put up a lovely picture
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Paddy Boocock

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I quite like it, myself. You could always just look away for a moment - the splash screen doesn't stay long. Surely the force of your creativity can overcome the passing image of an artwork you don't like?
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Rob Rippengale

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To have to remember to "always just look away for a moment" is quite a burden. How long is this moment? It is impossible to see if the splash has gone away without looking. This problem could be easily solved by Photoshop having a toggle switch so we can choose to not have a Splash at all, or we could be given a setting to choose a picture of our own, or Photoshop could simply show the Adobe PS logo. Anything but this childish overdose.
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I concur wholeheartedly. This is not a critique of the image maker, rather it is a request for choice. Since "Show splash screen at startup" is already an option in LR, the fix is clearly possible. Help us, Adobe, you are our only hope.
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It is indeed a critique of a fellow image makers (it was a group project) and a harsh one at that.
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Rob Rippengale

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It's a harsh image. I'm still amazed that anyone thought it would be a good opening screen for a program that is used by many sensitive people to edit subtle landscapes and soft portraits. You might as well bang a gong. There is a place for startling dramatic artwork, but it needn't be shoved into every face every day.
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Ingo Guenther

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I don't like it either; it gave me the creeps the first time I saw it.

Find the start menu entry for Photoshop (on a Windows system it can be found at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs and add -NoSplash to the "Target" field. No more splash screen until the next update overwrites it.
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I get inspired and ready to work every day, which is no easy task. Then I open a document or PS itself and my inspiration goes down to the drain with that ugly woman.

Please. Remove it.
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As I said on the OTHER thread regarding having an option to turn off SPLASH IMAGE, I am not so worried about whether the woman is happy/sad/glad/mad... or just maybe upset at having all that insanely colourful paint dumped all over her.   It is the insanely colourful COLOURS that are a major distraction to me everytime I open this app.  Please give me an option to at least MUTE it in some way. Or maybe give us a few choices, if we are not trusted to put our own image of choice in this space.

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