Lightroom CC: Please add ability to Sync LR Classic Collection Sets

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Please add ability to Sync LR Classic Collection Sets and LR CC Folders!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Victoria Bampton (Lightroom Queen) wrote: "The existing cloud sync functionality will remain in LR Classic, so you can sync with any of the Lightroom CC apps including the iOS/Android apps, but no new sync functionality will be added to Classic (so keywords and collection hierarchy won’t sync)."

But if enough people provide feedback, maybe Adobe will change their minds.
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I wholeheartedly agree with Tomas. PLEASE add the ability to sync collection sets, as the folder hierarchy makes all the difference when trying to find the right projects if you have years of photos like I do. PLEASE!


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom Classic: Collection set structure lost on Lightroom mobile.

"Creating Collection Sets from Folders"  is a very welcome new feature on Lightroom Classic 7.2, but there's one important thing missing, unfortunately:  The newly created nested Collection Set only maintains its structure on Lightroom desktop;  if shared to Lightroom Mobile, the structure disappears on all synched mobile devices.  I hope Adobe fixes that soon.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom Mobile: Sync collection sets.

I have a number of collection sets that I would like to sync to mobile and work within that structure one my iPad Pro. It is tedious, to individually sync dozens of collections inside a set, then have them appear on mobile as individual collections, rather than part of a set. This is one of a few issues that has me thinking that LR CC for Mobile isn’t ready for pro users.
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Don't forget to vote for this request :)

FYI (maybe you know it) but in LR Classic, it is possible to drag folders into collections to create collections based (and named) as the folders :)
A huge timesaver for the sync function. Still waiting for better sync features but they won't be devlopped on LR Classic.
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+1 from my side. This seems to be such an obvious feature. As recommended I use collection sets to organize my photos and is annoying having to move collections manually after they have been syncrhonized. 
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Basically Folders in LR mobile are the same as Collectoion Sets in LR Classic. It would be great if it will be possible to sync them.
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In order to stay organized on both platforms I find myself manually recreating Folders in CC to match the Collection Sets in Classic or the other way around. Seems like such an obvious thing to sync these.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Collection folders from cloud in classic. When???.

When will Lightroom Classic show the actual hierarchy from the cloud?

Naming albums "Grandparent folder : Parent : Actual album name" is bush-league junk.
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@Daniel123123, Adobe's current position is that no new sync functionality will be added to Classic - so folders created in Lightroom Mobile or Desktop will never sync to Classic. Nevertheless, when Adobe hears from enough people they sometimes change their position. Click on Vote at the top of this thread (that your post was moved to) to add your voice to this request.
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Adobe, listen to user feedback!
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Adobe, please consider an exception to updating sync features in Classic for this. I am now getting a fair bit of use from Lightroom in addition to Classic because I’m publishing my photos via Portfolio. However, due to many of the features in Classic that are not yet available in Lightroom, my workflow needs both. Having collection sets in Classic sync with folders would make things much easier. 
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I think this goes far deeper than just synchronizing Collections/Sets. Lr in general has one of advantages over Photoshop and that is organization of photos. This was totally okay in Classic and worked just fine. With the rise of CC which needs the organization even more to communicate the hierarchy on all devices synced, this is not the case as it looks so far. In CC you can just create Folders which in Classic I used for years and sub-folders for each photoshoots and Collection for combining them to categories like Portrait, landscape etc, social media etc. 
I believe they will struggle and we as well until they don't put great though how to make the organization understandable and sync able. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lr Classic doesn't sync organization of collections/albums with Lr CC.

Before I used Lr CC (which includes LrMobile, LrWeb and LrCC for pc) for the first time, I have made Collection Sets as for Commercial photography, Portraits etc. When I used CC, these were not present just the albums within.

On the other hand, When I created Folder inside CC and moved some of the albums to it, this transfer to another folder was not synced with Classic and they stayed in old Collection sets.

And on top of that, when I create completely new album in CC, this shows in Classic in Collection set with name "From Lightroom" which would be okay for unorganized albums but when I moved these albums in CC to the folder which is not shown in Classic, this move was not synced and these albums stayed in "From Lightroom" collection set within Classic. 

This makes it not possible to sync organization of the folders and albums and makes it a total mess from the one of most important features of lightroom over photoshop. ORGANIZATION OF PHOTOS.

I hope this workflow can be clarified to me as a feature or it is a quite a big problem