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Hello.I'm a 3D Artist in the games industry. I like to use patterns alot for texture overlays and such. I love the ability to pan the pattern, or just swap out the pattern for a new one and keep the same mask when somethings not working (I love masks too).One qwirk however, theres no ability to rotate them without collapsing the pattern fill to a layer and doing it manually. Breaking my non-destructive workflow and ruining what i love about patterns. I am sure it wouldn't be too hard a feature to add, seeing as the gradient fill layer already has an rotation/angle implemented. This would save time and also keep my PSD's nice and tidy.I made a handy little gif that switches between pattern fill currently, and what would be desireable.Thanks.Chevy McGoram
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Posted 8 years ago

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I must I feel I am the one who went on a rant and created this discussion to begin with.... I must is nice to see that a number of Adobe personnel have chimed in on the subject...and I for one am impressed and appreciate the time taken...
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Felix Geen

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I would really like this feature. I would use it on a weekly basis in the work I do and it would save me a lot of time.
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Dan Kwarcinski

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I would use it RIGHT NOW! ;) Please add rotate-able patterns!!!!!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Is there a function in the works that would rotate a pattern applied by the FX pa....

I'd love to be able to rotate patterns in the FX panel, it seems like something that would be relatively easy to code but I'm not a coder so I wouldn't know.
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Ruben DHaene

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I am an architect/graphic designer. For anyone who works with patterns and plans/rendering/visualizations of urban environments/building/landscape ...The ability to rotate pattern overlays just seems forgotten. It would be an enormous improvement of my workflow. PLEASE add this option Adobe, I'm am losing my admiration for you guys if I see how long it takes to add this?!
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At this point, i think it's safe to say that we should all give up on hoping for a native texture/pattern creator in Ps. People have been writing plug-ins and 3rd party apps for decades now to compensate for what's missing in Ps.

On the bright side, at least we can render trees now!
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Like many architectural graphic designers out there, just wondering if this request is still being considered and if we might see it sometime soon?

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I also have a frequent use for this feature; instead of creating patterns in multiple different angles (tiling those can be frustrating), this would save a ton of time. I have this engraving technique that I use to make images look like those in bills of money, and to avoid moiré patterns, rotation is key.
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Hi guys,
rotating a Pattern Fill layer is just a small part of the things we would like to do with them, when we think about it. On my side, on Photoshop CC 2018, I cannot make the Styles work on them (is this only happening to me?)? It is not possible to apply filters on them without converting them. Any modification on the pattern requires to regenerate the pattern resource itself...

Let's thing about something else that would be a true non-desctructive easy-to-use easy-to-iterate approach. What if...

Anyone has used Smart Objects?

What if the pattern was a Smart Object? I mean, if on a Smart Object layer you had the ability to make it tile? You would then be able to rotate, scale, even skew it. You would be able to edit the pattern at will since it is an embedded document. Styles, Smart Filters...

It could look like this:

It would even be possible to make it repeat around the document:

Can you please tell me if that would be a good answer to your needs and what you think about this suggestion?

Thank you very much


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One way to do it is to convert a Pattern Fill Layer to a Smart Object, which you can then Transform at will:

This also lets you scale the pattern without having it get so ugly.

A gotcha is that you need to Edit Contents for the SO  and increase the canvas size, to ensure it covers the full original. So my suggestion would be to have "Smart" Pattern Fill Layers, rather than the half-baked thing we have now.
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Marie Laurent

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Please do it. Allow a simple rotation option. We can already resize... It would be soooo great to be able to rotate in the same time !

Thank you for you job