Photoshop: More options for the transform tool!

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I was quite excited when the Puppet Warp tool was introduced in CS5... but have to confess myself disappointed. It's jumping quite far ahead by letting us transform an uneven-shaped object into a grid and then twisting it.... but it's missing a whole mess of functions in between that are way more important:
1. (as stated in a separate thread) When using the regular transform tool, I'd love to get the option of keeping my transform handles visible even when I'm zoomed in past the object's borders. Some button allowing us to switch on a projection that zooms with us would be lovely.
2. Allow us to use either the polygan lasso or path tools to create an irregular shape and give us all the corners as transform handles. It's about time we weren't restricted to square shapes for our transform anymore.
3. When using transform, give us an option to select whether we want the transform box square with the screen or square with the longest/widest part of the object to be transformed.
4. Allow "transform again" to be used even when the soft transform (you know- the lovely grid that allows you to pull the object) was used last.
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Posted 7 years ago

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i like nr. 2 :)
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My biggest problem is the transform handles disappearing if I zoom in. It happens so often: You want to see in detail what you're transforming but as soon as you zoom in, you can't access your handles anymore. Or you have a piece that extends past the edge of your canvas.... so annoying!
A simply "on/off" switch in the top palette to give us a "alias" handles that move in with the visible space but can be turned off if unnecessary would be all that it takes.
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1. simple solution for that i think is to open a second window. I do that all the time... its really handy to have a look at the whole project from far away while working on somewhere right up close. should do the same for transforming for you :)

2. ...interesting idea, like making an object in ill. then giving it a gradient mesh? I like it. but just as ill has problems with doing just that... with vector based objects, i can only imagine the same being the case for PS.

3. I just duplicate that part of the object. merge it down when im done.

4. that would be nice. perhaps they can't becasue the object needs to be the same size/shape?