Photoshop: Ability to edit/move/transform on several layers at the same time with an active selection

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This is something that would really be helpful. The ability to select objects inside your lasso tool selection that are on multiple layers. You could select the layers you want and photoshop could move and manipulate the objects inside your selection that are on those layers.Why would this useful. Well at work I have alot of elements composed together to create a single portion of the image. It would great to be able to edit these pieces as a whole without having to flatten the image or dissect each element into its on layer. I know people I work with wanted this ability to and I hope others out there might feel its useful for their work flow as well. Thanks for listening.
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This may be useful, but it could be tricky to implement. There would need to be a clear visual 'marker' as to what has been selected on each layer.

At the moment, I'd duplicate/merge the layers that I want to extract something from, and go from there.

It's an interesting idea though.
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I was performing a search for this very feature. I guess its not available.
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Yeah you just select which layers you would like part of the selection.
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Additionally a keyboard modifier that would select the layers underneath a lasso selection. I do not mean making a selection over many layers but to simply select a grouping of layers based on a lassoing.
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I agree with this request. As I was searching for it, I only found this thread, so therefor my comment...
I see it's 4 years ago and there still is nothing to do this.

I am working as a digital matte painter (mostly creating large format pictures, partially starting from photographs) and since I need to use a LOT of pictures and sort threw them within my file, the one great feature I am missing for my work is the one asked for above:

A selection tool, like it already exists in AI, which can select multiple layers at once.

So like for example in AI, if you created a lot of path, you can select them with the lasso tool all at once, while they are on different layers.
So the same function/tool just for PS. So that you can easily select the different layers after sorting and put them in one folder (for example).

An official response to this suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
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Selecting all objects in different layers using lasso is a must option without selecting all layers, as its time waste to select all layers first then lasso the selection. Many times need to select multiple objects on different layers.  How wonderful it would be to just make a lasso selection around all objects in different layers and just do what you want to do with them. May be holding down a few key combination to do so would be a gr8 option to have in Photoshop or Illustrator. Would make life so easy.
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Merging the layers is what I've done then the objects aren't on separate layers.
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Sometimes that's not an option when you need to perserve layers.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Ability to move selected pixels across multiple layers.

As of Photoshop CC 2019 I cannot have more than one layer selected, lasso or marquee around a portion of my canvas and then move or transform the pixels from each layer. I've been able to do this in my other image editing software and I find it extremely useful.  It doesn't have to be the default behavior of the move or transform tool, but maybe a toggle-able menu option.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: Free transform on several layers at the same time (with selection).

i already search this but didnt find it.
the idea is simple, when you have a selection and want to do a free transform on several layers at the same time, now its not possible :(

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Transform Multiple Layers WITH an active selection.

Transforming multiple layers is already possible which is great
but with an active selection it would help enormously, digital painters
one layer contain the clean inking
another layer contain penciling (wich add texture to line)
another layers contains tones
here the example is simple but there might be much more layers

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I have this issue with my Photoshop CS6 when I transform multiple layers with a s....

So recently, my Photoshop isn't transforming multiple layers with a selection. It worked last month but it then stopped. What happens now is that it doesn't transform the selection, but it transforms the whole layers selected.

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This is stupid... Paint tool sai has like, one dev and this feature was in PTS YEARS AGO.. What is wrong Adobe? And to people suggesting to merge the layers together.. That is stupid.. If you use PS for digital drawing/painting (like many of the users do), you're going to merge lineart with color and shadows and lighting, just so you can move a small selection? Might as well select the file and hit delete and start over while you're at it... 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop: editing selection for multiple layers at the same time.

Good day!

As an artist, I would love to suggest some improvements to Photoshop tool. Quite often, while drawing comics you should use two layers - one with a loop, the second with fill. There are situations when you need to edit a selected area of all image (that is, both first and second layers). Currently you can only do this step by step, by choosing and edit each layer.

It would be very convenient, if you could consider adding an second option, which is link layers – with edited selection at all selected layers SIMULTANEOUSLY.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Manipulating multiple layers without merging.

I use Photoshop CC for digital art. As an example, lets say I have a layer with a gesture drawing, a layer with a basic mid tone silhouette, and a layer with a slightly more detailed sketch. I realise the leg of the figure is in slightly the wrong place but am still very much in the design phase. It would be great to be able to make a selection, say with the Lasso tool, select all three layers, and then Free Transform that selection across all three layers without having to merge them into one layer.
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My company just upgraded from CC 2016 to 2019. In the previous version I could use the Lasso or Marquis tool to select an area and move, transform or edit the selection on multiple layers. In the current version I cannot, or the appropriate tool or control is hidden or buried. 
I wonder why Adobe thinks this is such a small deal that they simply throw away a feature that more than a few artists use's not like there aren't other programs anymore.
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This has never been a possible in any version of Photoshop.
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Both of you may be right. Please demo or explain better what you mean, Sidhecat. Well, I guess you are now without PS 2016...