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Dear Photoshop Family
I have a few suggestions about changing the UI of Photoshop. I have been using this program for over 10 years. And since all major programs have improved their interface I was a little disappointed to see that a lot of the "old style" workflow stayed the same. Programs like After Effects share functions and the interface is a lot more organized. I compiled a video: with the top points I found. I understand if you don't have the time to watch a potentially unqualified 13 min video. But I would very much appreciate if you could get back to me on that topic, I can also provide a list.
Thanks for your time
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Official Response
Yes. Please break these out. You have a mix of requests and questions that I've summarized and answered below. Many of your issues can be solved by reading the user manual:

1. Make Filter previews large and/or on canvas (Already requested: )

2. For your text example, use Layer>Create Clipping Mask:

This keeps the type live and you can move the text or pixel layer at will.

3. I explain the Layer Undo convention in this topic:

4. Your Liquify Undo issue: Liquify does have more than one undo state. You need to use Ctrl + alt + z to step backward more than once to undo and ctrl + shift + z to step forward. Ctrl + z toggles. (See explanation for for #3 above). You could make the argument that Liquify should respect the custom Keyboard Shortcuts (feel free to make a new topic for this)

5. Ability to double click select tools to select all/center selection (Feel free to make a new topic for this)

6. Create a vignetted mask - Use the Masks panel and adjust the 'Feather' option.

7. Contextual/HUD feedback for size of selections (Feel free to make a new topic for this)

8. Ability to control the center point of the Twirl filter (Feel free to make a new topic for this)

9. Ability to change adjustment or filter after it's applied - That's what Adjustment Layers (in conjunction with Layer Clipping Masks) read up on Adjustment Layers and Smart Filters

10. Constrain Transform - if you start transforming, you can hit the shift key as long as you haven't stopped your handle drag. That's the way it works. This allows the user to do a non-constrained transform then switch to a constrained transform of the unconstrained result. If you have let up on the drag, click the Maintain Aspect Ration icon in the Transform options to reset the proportions:

11. Ability to non-destructively transform layers - convert the layer to a Smart Object and read up on Smart Object.

12. Snap to 100% - this is a common thing for users of Photoshop. There is a shortcut ctrl + alt + 0 to show actual pixels (aka - 100% zoom)