Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer has many problems

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I've seen a lot of issues with PSE Organizer 10 which I upgraded to about a month ago from version 8.

1. Just had Windows 7 give me the "Elements 10 has stopped working" message when I was scrolling through a set of image thumbnails.

2. After importing a set of new files (in this case 2) Organizer displays the thumbnails and then continues to show the rotating hourglass and "Generating Thumbnails" message for at least 30 to 40 seconds before allowing any action on the window. I know it can't be spending all this time generating thumbnails. If it's actually doing something necessary then at least change the message to indicates what's going on.

3. When in file list mode, if I click on the name of a file in my collection's hierarchy and then click on the small arrow next to the name to expand the list of files within the selected file, the entire list is reposition to the first file of the collection hierarchy. The behavior should be to expand the file list with the selected file name at the top of the window. This is different behavior than was evident in Version 8 where clicking the name before expanding maintained the list's position in the window.

4. I often change the name of files by selecting the properties of a thumbnail and entering the desired name modification. However, once the name is changed the thumbnail stays in the same postion in the window. The behavior should be to re-sort the images and display them in sorted order. In my case I generally am expecting files to be in file name order. The way I'd like it to work is the way that Bridge handles the name change. If my preference to have this happen automatically is not universally acceptable, then there should at least be a button to click that would resort the displayed images. As it currently stands I have to exit PSE and restart it to get the display resorted, which with a large collection can take a couple minutes to take effect.

5. It would be really nice if the image import function had consistent options across all Adobe products. If I import with PSE Organizer I can get file names generated with leading characters in the form YYYY MM DD (with a space between the year-month and month-day sections) while in Bridge I get YYYYMMMDD -- with bridge there are no blanks and in Organizer there is no option for a contiguous set of date characters. It would also be nice if the generated file name could include a time stamp corresponding to the time the image was captured in addition to the date.

6. I've seen a number of instances where Organizer leaves temporary files that then are detected as new files by the Watch Folder function. Some times the original file is left and sometimes it's deleted. This happens fairly regularly when I "Write Keyword Tag and Photos." The pattern of when it happens and how many files are left seems unpredictable.
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