Photoshop: Doesn't constrain proportions when resizing from side handle while holding Shift key

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When using Free Transform, holding down Shift while dragging a corner rightly constrains the proportions of the shape while resizing. However, holding down Shift while dragging a side handle does nothing. It should continue to constrain the proportions as it does in Illustrator.
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Kris Hunt

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Posted 6 years ago

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Michael Verzella

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Thank you for your contribution.

Obviously, the collective many of us with our many protestations of this change (which extend beyond photoshop and our own intuitions) will benefit from your wisdom.
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Version 20.0.2 is out.
Still no addition of a 'use legacy transform' option.
And no comments from Adobe why they've introduced an inconsistent workflow in a single application.
Absolutely ridiculous!
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Hugo Miramontes

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Has anyone ever had this inconsistently happen with type layers using the type tool? The normal behavior, that isn't affected by Photoshop's recent change in this, is if you have the type tool and resize a text box from the side, only that direction is affected. But sometimes, and I can't figure out what triggers it, when resizing from the same point, the scaling is suddenly proportional and I have to hold Shift to scale the way it's supposed to. It seems like a legitimate bug regarding the new way Photoshop handles scaling.
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Why would they change the function of the scaling tool that has been done a certain way for years and years... Can adobe make an update to put it back the way it was? It is causing a lot of frustration with me and everyone I work with. The other part that is strange to me is that they made this change just in photoshop— illustrator still scales proportionately while holding shift... Please make an update to put photoshop scaling tool back the way it was ... Thanks!
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Hi Heather, you can reverse it by adding a text file as described in the second post (the official response from Jeffrey Tranberry) here:

And agreed, this change is inconsistent within CC, inconsistent within Photoshop, the inconsistency is basic, bad design and is frankly embarrassing. I truly worry about the future if nonsense like this can makes it into a release.
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The inconsistency of changing this in one context, of one tool, in one app, is still truly baffling to me sorry. It can only create confusion; the enemy of UI/UX for users of all levels/backgrounds.
Removing confusion and clarifying stuff is fundamentally what design is all about. If it needs changing, then it needs changing in every context, of every tool, in every app.