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I had a very unfortunate chat with a customer service rep about the Photoshop bug in CS6 that causes text and leading to be totally wrong when you scrub through the sizes, or type in numbers. After looking through all of my Photoshop preferences and noting that I do have the most up-to-date version - my rep proceeded to tell me that the only fix is to upgrade to Adobe Photoshop CC. I asked my rep why there was no fix for all the CS6 users who were being limited in their productivity and perhaps couldn't afford to bump up to CC due to company budgets. She then decided to just exit the conversation without really giving me a chance to say anything else. Really nice, Adobe.

Rep: You already have the latest update for CS6 installed. There are no further updates as of now
Me: So I have to live with the bug then?
Rep: You can upgrade to Photoshop Cc
Me: So essentially, you're forcing people to upgrade to the CC plan and aren't planning on fixing problems for users who might not be able to afford to do an upgrade -- or who aren't ready to upgrade due to having to get approvals from work?
Rep: The issue has been resolved in the Photoshop CC update. You can upgrade to it. You can submit a request form for CS6 if you wish :
Rep: Feature Request/Bug Report Form
Rep: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: No, that was it. A bug that's very much limiting my productivity within the product. I'll definitely be filling out a bug report form. I know there are lots of users in CS6 who are having this issue. It'd be nice if their voices could be heard too.
Rep: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Rep: Have a nice day.
Rep: Thank you for contacting Adobe. Good Bye.
This chat session has ended.
Thank you for contacting Adobe.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hi Amber,

We have heard the message; the bug affecting the widgets governing transformed texts is huge for our customers. The bug you are experiencing has been a real problem for us to track down and solve, actually. We have, however, been able to put out a fix for Photoshop CC, which has been available for the last week. And, normally, that is it.

It is quite unusual to support software that is two versions behind what's currently under development. In that regard, the Customer Service rep was right; upgrading is the most reasonable path. Beyond that, there's not really very much they can do; we are very aware of the bug and conventional development models say it is too old to fix. What could the rep say that would soothe you, given these unfortunate realities?

Now, for what it's worth, we MAY be able to offer a solution for this issue for CS6 users. The day we fixed the CC bug, I specifically asked for this to be rolled into a special release. We are currently working on this, although there is no firm release date at this time. We are even looking for customers who might be interested in beta-testing the fix. If you'd like to be one, simply respond to this thread and I'll follow-up via email.

Truly, this text bug blind-sided us and we really are doing the best we can to resolve it for everyone. It might not seem that way but think about all the effort involved in this special release; we're breaking all the conventions to roll out a solution!

I hope this helps. In the meanwhile, a temporary solution to the problem would to simply not transform type; change the point size instead. Or, if that is too inimical to your workflow, go ahead and make the transformations that you want, note the new point size of the font, and Undo. Afterwards, you can simply change the point size of the font WITHOUT a transformation and the bug will not be triggered. Not perfect, but it will give you options until we can hammer out a solution.