Photoshop: Better selecting Vector Shapes Points

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Ok, this is the situations I fall in every day, many times a day.

We have 2 vector shapes, one on top of another and the underlying is the bigger one (the example is for 2 shapes, but this happens with more of course). You have 2 ways to select (with Direct Selection Tool (A)) the points (all or 2 or more, if the object is complex) of the most top vector shape:

1. You have to make selection starting out of document bound.
/on the image you see 2 shapes, selection method and layer palette./

2. You have to start selecting the points from inside of the shape.

All of these are really time consuming.

The issue is this:
1. Select the vector mask of most top layer.
2. Start dragging out of the layer and in the document bounds, like the image below

(the selection is marked with red, because this can't happened now. I made the screenshot when the underlying layer was raster layer.)
3. You will immediately select the underlying shape, which is frustrating.

Will be good to be like this : when you select a vector mask to be able to edit it free only the selected vector mask. (I see this in CorelDraw for example, but the issue is the same in Illustrator.). When the document is big it is really annoying, when the shape is small is bad too, you have to zoom in and out several times.

Thank you!
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Posted 9 years ago

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This interaction has me swearing somewhat regularly. I'd definitely like either this proposal or a vector lasso select tool that only works on the active layer or layer mask.