Photoshop: Finger painting support for touch screen monitors.

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Whaaaaaat.I'm finding it incredibly hard to believe that every graphics program supports using the brush and pen through touch screens EXCEPT for Photoshop, the Queen of them all. Am I really going to have to draw in GIMP?I'm well aware that touch screens aren't nearly as ideal as graphic tablets but really, GIMP even supports pressure sensitivity and Photoshop doesn't support anything?Please, please incorporate this feature, it should have come standard years ago.
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What device do you have? If your stylus supports Windows Ink, like the Surface Pro, it should work fine with Photoshop. Finger painting is not currently supported.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Photoshop touch screen support.

I recently bought Photoshop and fund that I could only zoom and rotate using the touchscreen built in to my PC (I have a Lenovo AIO 700 Series) and could only draw with the mouse. I feel this especially odd seeing how During my free trial of Illustrator, I found It had full touchscreen support. I would very much like it for the talented people at Adobe to do the same for Photoshop. 
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Just updated to 2018 and found this issue to still not be resolved! this is crazy! I get that Adobe wants to simplify apps UI and I appreciate that, but please add an option in the preferences to control how touch input is interpreted. 

I am using a Dell XPS 13 and find it frustrating that I cannot use my finger to rough in masks, etc.

These features would be equally helpful in various other apps (lightroom, after effects, etc.)

Please include in the next update!
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Just got a lenovo yoga, how can this basic feature not be supported in photoshop?
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same!! can't believe it's not supported...sad
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Acer T232 - a $500 monitor plugged into a $1000+ gaming laptop - and a total waste of money since PS CC 2018 is the whole reason I bought the monitor
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Is it, really ?? I always thought (when using and demonstrating Photoshop on the MS Surface Studio) that it was just a matter of a setting, which I needed to look-up and set correctly. (The Studio units I present on are always out-of-the-box, and I have not much time to get them up-and-running.) So as I finally took the time to look it up how to edit some images on a Surface Pro by touching, I end up in this thread and read the hilarious news that finger-painting is not supported !
(BTW using the interface with your fingers does work.)

And since the Photoshop Fix, Mix, and Sketch apps are not yet available for Windows, maybe the only tool to doodle in a Photoshop environment, is to download Photoshop Elements. This application is not for free but costs € 60 to 90, so I'm not going to download and test it. (The old Photoshop Express app is only capable of doing some color and lighting corrections.)

Either Adobe is just dragging their feet here, or Microsoft has told them to cut the new MS Paint some slack. The next update will tell...
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Please make it where paint brush will work on touchscreen laptops in photoshop cc....

The paint brush feature works with touchscreen in photoshop elements 2018. 
Why not in CC?
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Came here from trying to use my portable copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 on a Windows 10 all in one touch screen computer at the NSW library.  I can't believe how mad this is that the most complex and expensive image software of them all (photoshop) can not support finger painting.  Just wondering when those at adobe will get their heads out of the sand, and realise it is 2018?  This is nothing short of absurdly ignorant and tardy on adobe's behalf.  
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Well, before looking all this up, I guess I naively assumed that THE photo editing and drawing program would work with a touch-screen monitor... So I did a lot of research, dropped a few hundred dollars on an "Acer T232HL" - 10-point multi-touch, and one of the most responsive touch-screen monitors available - and an "Adonit Pro 3" stylus for precision drawing. My new toys arrived via FedEx, and worked great!

Fast forward to installing Photoshop CC 2018, and at first everything works fine. The program runs like it's supposed to, the monitor responds to the stylus just like my fingers, the program responds to touch input just like mouse input... Until I tried drawing. *Press+drag* ... Nothing ... *Double-tap+drag* ... Nothing ... *Long-press* ... Displays a non-functioning square area under the stylus ... *Long-press+drag" ... Displays the paint brush selection tool ... Retry everything about half a dozen times ... Still no progress ...

I tried finding something in the settings that would change the way PS responded to touch input, but found nothing. I searched through the support forums and countless other threads by others experiencing similar issues, and still found no answers.

Then... I contacted support by chat...

The support rep I chatted with seemed relatively knowledgeable about computers, peripherals, drivers, and program interaction... but I spent the entire session reiterating the same points over and over again. Yes, my drivers are all updated. My stylus is completely manual, it has no drivers. No, it doesn't work now, you disabled the touch monitor when you disabled my GTX driver. Yes, the mouse can draw on the layer, no that wasn't the problem. No, the touch input still won't draw.

Towards the end, the rep adjusted 3 minor settings in PS (that had nothing to do with my issue) and asked for the umpteenth time, "Does it work now?" No, it still doesn't work. I can see this session isn't going to resolve my issue. Can you please escalate my concern to a senior member of the support team and have them get back to me?

The rep ignored my request for escalation and continued fiddling with pointless unrelated settings. I asked again to escalate the issue and had to go through a few more pointless steps (a debug log for Adobe?? It's a fresh installation!) before providing my phone number a second time. I was assured that "when they find the problem" they'll call me.


If I get a call, I'll be surprised. If they have a legitimate solution to my problem, I'll die of a heart attack.

Come on Adobe, get your heads out of your asses and just give us an extra settings tab so we can change how PS responds to touch. I want it to act like a mouse click. Others want pressure sensitivity. Few (if any) want a stylus to not have any drawing capability in a drawing program, but feel free to leave that as an option.

Also, Adobe, how about some support staff who actually pay attention to what your customers are saying. That was the most ridiculous hour (or more) I've spent in a while.
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Hi Chelsea, according to the Adonit site, they only support drawing into Photoshop on the desktop from Astopad with their device.

From another thread:

"I'm a user-interface engineer on Photoshop and have worked on our touch and stylus code.  Your laptop, like the Apple iPad, responds to capacitive touch but does not have a separate digitizer for stylus input.  The Adonit Jot Pro stylus works with your computer by essentially providing a very accurate means of "touching" the screen.  Unfortunately, Photoshop does not respond to single-point touch input on the document canvas.  In our product we have focused on discrete stylus input devices whose input is delivered independently from touch.  That is why "finger-painting" does not work in Photoshop.  Single-finger touch is recognized elsewhere in the Photoshop user interface and that is why you can select tools and change settings with the Jot."

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like your Acer supports discrete stylus input the way a Surface and other Windows devices.