Photoshop: Save for web, unable to paste file name

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This issue was originally posted months ago, but nothing has happened. My post was moved into a 5 year old issue and forgotten all about, so I'm gonna keep posting a new one every few weeks until it has been fixed. 

CMD+V does not work in the naming input field in Save for Web / Save Optimized As dialogue box. In order to paste a name I now have to manually select the standard file name using the cursor, being careful not to select the file extension, right click and select Paste. Only then does it work. When you're resizing and saving hundreds of files this way it takes A LOT of extra time.
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  • Incredibly frustrated!

Posted 5 months ago

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Hello Preben:

I just tried this on two computers running macOS 10.13 High Sierra with Photoshop CC2018, CC2019 and 2020.

It works as expected in all three versions on both computers.

I don't think that this is a Photoshop specific issue. 

Can you paste into other Photoshop dialog boxes?  For example, when doing a File > Save As?   Or File > Export > Quick Export as PNG?

If you switch to another application like TextEdit, are you able to paste into the Filename text field when saving there?

There's probably some sort of software conflict going on which, of course, can be tricky to troubleshoot.

I'd do some standard troubleshooting:
1. Try resetting the Photoshop preferences (if you haven't already)
2. Try a new macOS User account (this takes some patience, but is a quick test of user account related issues that can come up)
3. Try Safe Boot (although, since this is just the base operating system, sometimes things behave stranger rather than better)
4. Try creating an external boot drive that has just a clean install of macOS and just Photoshop installed to try to re-produce the issue.

This is the official Photoshop troubleshooting guide:

Not everything in there pertains to what you're doing, but there are links to step-by-step instructions for some things that may help.

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Preben Nesheim

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Hi Warren, 

Thank you for looking into the issue.

This is my fault completely, as I forgot to add information about OS. I'm running macOS Catalina, and it's absolutely a Catalina issue as it started the second I upgraded.  

I'm seeing quite a few people me too-ing the issue, so I do not think it's exclusive to my particular setup or installation. 

Just tried the regular Save As dialogue, and pasting works just fine. As does every other system save dialogue box in other apps.

In the original issue I posted months ago, I also highlighted a potentially connected issue in the Save for Web flow. If you enter the Save for Web Photoshop dialogue, continue to the system Save dialogue and then clicking Esc before saving, it is not possible to dismiss the Photoshop dialogue box with Esc button. It seems to not be in focus. This is also new in Catalina.

I just tried creating a fresh user profile, and unfortunately the issue remains even there. 

It might not be a Photoshop specific issue, but it certainly is a Photoshop+Catalina issue. 

- Preben
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Hiya Preben,

Let me assure you that this bug was not forgotten.  There is an associated report that's still active.  And, you're right, this is specific to Catalina.  When it will be fixed is another matter -- the voices of users helps weight our work, so if this is important to you...

Hope that helps,
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I'll add my vote here - this happens with all Adobe products with Catalina. It's maddening, because I have years of muscle memory using copy cut paste in save dialogs. It does not happen with other non-adobe products. Anything to fix this would be hugely appreciated. Catalina 10.15.3 Illustrator 24.0.3 (basically the latest of everything.) Thank you!
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Preben Nesheim

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Hi David, 

Just touching base regarding this issue. It's still a problem, every single day. Every other day is another update, but still no fix for this incredibly infuriating and seemingly simple issue. Someone really needs to escalate this issue so it's included in the next round of bugfixes.
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same issue for me photoshop CC2020 21.0.2 + Catalina 10.15.3
can't paste text in save for web dialog box

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Same problem here. Every day I Save for Web dozens of photos, and have to manually type all those stupid filenames, hoping for no typos.
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I'm having this problem in mid 2020 in the latest versions of Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC on a brand new, up-to-date Macbook Pro running macOS Catalina.