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It might have been from an Update or not, but Photoshop just reset itself by itself. Some of it can be fixed via my saved workspace, but i also had to waste time going through menus and trying to find how to change back to the old starting screen, change the background color and so on. During the time I am supposed to do productive work.

At least better than PS completely uninstalling itsself, which happened to me before.

None of this ever occured before Adobe went Cloud. I guess, that's what happens if a company has a monopoly: product quality declines, but customers have no options. I hope some other company will come up and pressure Adobe into making stable products again.
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  • I am feeling ripped of by a company that I will not buy from anymore as soon as there are alternatives, if they continue to go on like this, which I suspect

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Adobe LR CC classic still works great - as every product before this unhappy "going cloud".

What the hell is this "going cloud" good for? I synchronise my files and folders including catalogues and use the cc on two machines - with no problems. 
Better than "going cloud" would be to offer three workplaces per license instead of two and two instead of one working at the same time combined with a good instruction how to synchronize.
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Amen brother , and they still want their yearly blood money !!
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Hi georg, sorry for the confusion. Perhaps you enabled Auto-Update? See this page for more details:

"By default, all previous versions of Creative Cloud apps are uninstalled when you update to the latest version. If you want to retain previously installed versions, remember to change the default settings before you start the update process."
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Hi Jeffrey

I don't know what I had set back then, but I didn't change any settings - so it should either uninstall itsself with every update or not at all. But it did only once - doesn't seem logical to me and cost me time to reinstall, while I should have been doing clients work. Imagine you're on a job with clients by your side, and when you start up PS, it starts to uninstall.

Regarding the Reset of Settings, after reading up and finding out it was probably an update, that didn't transfer the new settings as it should have based on the description in your link. I now copied them manually and so far things are working.
But why the hell do I have to waste my time reading up on update settings and digging around in some hidden folders of my computer and writing in this forum, when I am paying for this product? At least give people rebates, if they are doing the bugfinding for you here on these forums.

Of course you can sell cars that only mostly work, if you're the only one selling cars, but look around the forums, your customers are far from happy. I don't want to be a mechanic, I want to get from A to B without opening the hood.