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 Whatever shortcomings PS Touch may have had—it's 20-step undo limit, lack of any content aware or pen tool feature, perfunctory type handling and inability to place documents from its own gallery—it nevertheless succeeded beautifully in delivering a comprehensive ensemble of powerful, tightly-focused tools that covered 90% of the day-in-day-out tasks any graphic artist or photo editor looks to their app for in helping them achieve their vision and get the job done.

Having collective control of a Layer Object or Selection's size, x: y: coordinates, rotation, ratio and skew—all via numerical entries, and all within the same window—was a great time-saver. Deciding to include the ability to alternately toggle between a corner-handled selection box for resizing and shaping, and four arrows that allowed for nudging an object—both for selections as well!—with single pixel precision made for a powerfully satisfying editing manipulation experience.

I've deliberately held back one of my iPad Pros from upgrading past iOS 10 because nothing else I tried using could even "touch" the speed and versatility of PST, while at the same time offering the familiar comfort of an interface matching Photoshop's singular iconic approach to raster editing.

I could go on praising PST's useful Magic WandMeshFade and, yes, even basic layer Color Matching ability, it's FX and Selection brushes as well as it's not-so-obvious array of options for brush shaping and shapes, Blur, Smudge and Clone-with-cursor option tools, its great selection of Filters and Effects ( Replace Color being my secret go-to alternate method for building a selection ), FeatheringGrow or Shrink SelectionClear and ExtractFillStroke and NoiseLens Flare, Multi-Gradient and clever Camera Fill menu options ( whew! )...AND its fairly versatile ( as limited as they were) array of Layers options for opacity,  blend modes, quickly copying a layer or selection to its own layer, merging and group-via-paste layers features.

But what really set PST apart was how fast, easy and versatile it made editing just zip along,  once you knew and understood how to work around it's limitations. Even after finally learning how to somewhat translate my workflow over to using Affinity Photo on my alternate 12.9" iPad Pro, I eventually just threw my hands up and went back to using my smaller iPad with PS Touch. Why? Too cumbersome and complicated! PST's simplicity...everything's tightly knit and quickly accessible at my fingertips...just like my working in Photoshop's always been.

Now that Photoshop for iPad's finally here, I'm excited to do more of my photo work on my 12.9" iPad Pro and have that old, familiar "Photoshop experience" once more. But...rather than just considering this post as merely an "add-a-Nudge-Tool to PS for iPad"'s my real suggestion for its developers ( and yes, I know a lot of what PS for iPad is also about is offering as much of the same, familiar experience as the desk-top version):

Please always stay mindful of keeping the workflow functionality, access and experience tight and speedy. If that means some functions or dialogues or tools end up working a little differently in the iPad version than the one for computer users in order to do that—so as to follow, serve and stay true to that brilliant, original, singular Apple-inspired vision of "simple-IS-better"...please also be ever-mindful that users—though not every time—so often DO know what works best for their device-in-hand.


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