Photoshop Elements 2020 not responsive

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Slow trying to view photos in organizer and crashes when using the people panel to tag names.
Is anybody else having issues with the new organizer? 
Issues so far for me inculde
Can't delete photo's message comes back saying anaylsis is progress try again later but I turned off all auto image analysis options.
Delete faces from the people tag, comes back and says 0 persons deleted.  
Trying to name people works sometimes other times PSE crashes
trying to double click to full image vs grid view, takes 30 seconds or more to process.

I have been running PSE 2019, the people tagging was problematic for me in that release but everything else worked fine.  

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Steve Boehm

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Posted 10 months ago

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Greg S.

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Have you turned off all auto-creation analysis too?  Even if you have, check Task Manager and see whether a process called Elements Auto Creations 2020 is running and taking up a lot of CPU cycles. 

A recent Win 10 update has caused some high CPU usage also.  I don't know whether that Microsoft bug is affecting the problem you are having, but I am also experiencing issues similar to yours.  Turning off ALL auto-analysis and closing out EAC 2020 usually fixes it.

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Steve Boehm

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Thanks. None of that worked though. Adobe is blaming my catalog. Says I need to start over. I’m finding another product.
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Jack Klaber

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When using people-tag feature it is well known that the system becomes quite unresponsive. I've been using Photoshop Elements from the very beginning and gradually upgraded up to PSE2019.
I like to use the people-tag feature and use it extensively.

To address the slow performance I switched to a big SSD on which the database files of PSE reside.
These database files are all situated beneath the PSE Catalog directories which are by default located at: 
C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs
Since having my OS drive on a SSD, things are very smooth and response is almost immediate. (my PSE catalog has more than 50k images).

Take into account that the initial run of the analysis can take several days or even longer......
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Steve Boehm

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I finally got Adobe Support to check out my issue. They informed my that my catalog is corrupted and there is no fix except to start over with a new catalog. Not a solution in my opinion but that was all they offered. Called it a product limitation.
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So slow I finally used PSE14.  Adobe does not care about their paying clients.  Going to complain to Consumers Affairs so all can see.  Tech support is non existent. Shame on you Adobe.