Photoshop CC: Total Black Screen Solution (Windows)

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Hello Members,

Some people had the same problem as me. They had a total black screen, couldn't make/open files anymore. After 2-3 days searching about a solution, I still hadn't a solution.

What did I tested?
First I thought the interface was the problem. When I was going to Photoshop CC > Preferences > General -> (unclick) Use Legacy “New Document” Interface

My interface was back, the total black screen was away. I could make a new document, but again couldn't open a document and some functions were disabled. When I reinstalled my Photoshop CC 2017 the problem came back.

What is the solution?
Properly, the interface of Adobe Photoshop CC is working with Microsoft Visual Studio. Normally on a Windows PC Microsoft Visual Studio is standard installed. I reinstalled my Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (link below)


Choosed (English - x86) and restart my pc. When I launched Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 I could make documents/open files again as before. Also the functions which didn't worked are working now.

For me this was the solution for this problem. Let me know if this solution helps you also!

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Dylan van Aerle

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Posted 3 years ago

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Joseph Skinner

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Ran in to this problem with the most recent 2018 CC update - AND this solution completely solved the problem.  Thank you!
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Divya Singh

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didn't work for me, still showed the same black screen :( 
I had to unclick the graphic processor to make it work, 
how can i solve this problem without doing so?
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Maria Ines Dk

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the same with me, I am not even allow to install that :-( 
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Katherine McFadden

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I have the same problem on a new Dell laptop.  Tried everything even going to NVIDIA who suggested I re-install photoshop CC 2018.  What I notice is that I have installed on my laptop Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2017.  When I try to install 2015 it won't allow me saying that 'another version of this product is installed'.  So where do I go from here.  I am at present using PS CC 2018 with my NVIDIA Graphics card disabled and this defeats the purpose of me buying this laptop.
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Abhishek Palteru

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Did you find a solution?
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Samir Magoya

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I'm with the same problem, my laptop is a Dell too.
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Paul Murray

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Hey guys

Been struggling with this problem all day. i just updated to PS2018 but when launched just got total black screen. All the menus across the top opened but nothing seemed to be working. none of the advice i found online was working so i was just about to revert back to the previous version when low & behold I found the 'workspace' tab under the 'windows' tab. clicked photography and hey presto! we're good to go.

Just sayin in case someone else is struggling with this problem. I thought I had a duff download when all along it was working... DOH!

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Philippe Joshua Uy

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Hi, I've been struggling with the black screen problem for months. Uninstall & reinstall didn't work. It was only when I updated my GeForce driver that fixed the black screen problem. Hope this solution will help you too.
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Raquel Burin

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I had the same problem with my Photoshop CC 2018 and after reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017  I could fix the problem. Thanks!! 
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Destiny Dubuque

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On the top bar hit "window" then "workspace" and "reset essentials" and then everything was in black and white so I went to "image" on the top bar then "mode" and then "RGB color"
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Tried a bunch of things, and only the graphics card update worked.. then finally Photoshopped crashed and disabled something and it's been working ok since..
Not sure what was disabled, though..
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I am having a similar problem on a Mac running Photoshop CC 2017.1.1 Release.
If I change screen mode to "Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar" I can see my image and work but when I switch back to "Standard Screen Mode" my work area turns black.
I restarted photoshop: nothing. Restarted the machine: nothing. 
Anyone have a recommendation?

Someone else in the office has had the same problem but he says it corrects itself on restart.
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Jeffrey Tranberry, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Imaging

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What happens if you go into Preferences > Performance... and uncheck "Use Graphics Processor" and restart Photoshop. Does it behave correctly?
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I'm using Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 and after installing it on my pc it turns black screen. I tried to uncheck the "Use Graphics Processor" in the Preference but that doesn't seem to work with everyone. My solution is to go to the Properties of Photoshop and Check  "The this program in compatibility mode" and select Windows 7 or 8. This works fine for me. Try it!