Photoshop CC 2020(21.2) : App literally became critically slow with frequent stuttering

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My specs for the test :
CPU : Core i7 3610QM
GPU : Nvidia GT 640M
Drawing tablet : Huion H610 Pro
PC Model : Acer Aspire V3-771

Greetings Adobe. 

You really have plenty of optimizations problems with all the features and changes you apply to Photoshop, and this since you left Creative Suite 6. I don't know what's wrong with you. I say you should optimize Photoshop so that, at least painting performance stays smooth even on an Intel HD 4000 GPU with a 2nd gen Core-i5 CPU. Yes, those are less than 10 years old specs but strategically speaking, your developers should know why, it's the best way to manage how well you optimized your app or not. Seriously.
So if you don't make tests on a 10 year old or less than 10 year old machine, performance problems will remain. And it's just unprofessional to hide them just because y'all have GTX 1050 GPUs with last gen Intel Core CPUs. It's unprofessional to have your app slow down in performance when its newest features are not used at all. I'm talking about rendering fps and painting performance regarding speed of execution.

Anyway, I tested v21.1.2, v21.1.3 and just now v21.2... And I don't congratulate you at all.
Now Photoshop became slower and gives constant stuttering for its rendering performance. It's to the point that I can't even imagine using it anymore. 
Just how do you even optimize your code and algorithms ? 

I was curious today for something else as well. I tested Photoshop CS6 after installing it. And guess what ?
Photoshop CS6 was running butter smooth. And some of the problems caused by your newest features to the point that you broke your wintab implementation in latest versions of Photoshop, were absent ! I was using wintab and painting strokes was 4 to 5 times faster and smooth than in Photoshop CC 2020. Plus there were no stutter at all, and this was on a 5x7.5 inches canvas at 600 ppi resolution.
The reason I'm saying you broke your wintab implementation is because there's an exponential performance fault that is proportional to the time I spend painting any single stroke I'd hold for a long time(more than 20 seconds) without releasing my pen pressure on the canvas.

If performance was this good and smooth in Photoshop CS6, I see no reason for it to slow down or get broken in Photoshop CC 2020 or even Photoshop PhCC 2021. Adobe, It's obvious that your developers broke things in Photoshop to degrade its performance. New features is OK, but they should never impact negatively the previously known good performance of a software. Unfortunately, this is what I'm seeing right now.

Anyway, this was a test report. You will consider this issue if you care about the quality of Photoshop.
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Drumming on about CS6 won't get you anywhere. It's ancient history, and didn't have half the features of v21.2. People will just dismiss you as a luddite, no matter what your arguments are. But onto the matter at hand...

I have a reasonably decent PC (core i7-9700k, 64GB RAM, GTX 980ti, M.2 SSDs) and I concur that this update has absolutely tanked my performance. In my multiple-artboard PSDs, Photoshop has become borderline unusuable. I'm really hoping a new Nvidia update or PS update will fix this, as it's a serious problem for me.

I also agree with the OP's sentiment that you should prioritise performance and smooth running over new features. There are fancy new niche features every major update which most of us won't ever use, yet the pile of bugs and performance issues slowly grows and grows. While the shell becomes ever shinier, Photoshop is slowly but surely eroding from the inside. 

I myself have some filed some 100% reproducible bug reports on this forum that are now literally years old, and get routinely ignored by Adobe year after year, while each major update seems to break something new. I'm getting tired of it. 
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I agree with niche features. Therefore I like to see that Adobe now invests huge effort into new extensibility so you would be able to opt-in 3rd party features or maybe even Adobe features and not bloat PS with something you don't need.
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I have the same issues as OP after the update. I am running the Macbook Pro 2020, 2,6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 32 GB Ram, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB and my files with multiple artboards are a real struggle to work with now. Especially when trying to edit text or moving several layers... its a nightmare compared to before. How could this have happened? Hopefully a hotfix is coming asap.
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same issue 
I7 6700K 64GB-ram  M,2-SSD 1080TI 11GB 
I Cant Work with this new updates!
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@dave, no its certainly not the video card. The Pro Vega 64 with 16GB combined with 128GB ram has been pretty powerful for me. I do tons of 3d animation work, and the old and new versions of AE work perfectly for me. The old PS worked perfectly just two days ago before updating. That's all that needs to be known.

The problem lies in the software, not the hardware.
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I'm also seeing quite a bit of stuttering across all Adobe apps when using Nvidia Gsync. No issues in any other apps, only Adobe.
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The cc support told me to come here. 

For the past few versions of PS I've noticed an increased slow down on simple thing like making shapes and pen points. 2020 was the straw that broke the camels back. 

What I've tried: 
Clearing profiles
going through the graphics acceleration settings
going through ps advanced adjustment page
making another new window profile with admin privileges
moving cache drives around
removed all plugins
made sure all drivers are updated
Switched on and off the legacy options

Pretty sure it's on adobes end at this point

win 10 ryzen 8 
32 gigs of ddr4 3400
gtx 1080ti
1 ssd for programs
1 1tb cache drive

There is are multiple threads on the main community channels with hundreds of posts about PS slowness that no one from adobe has acknowledged here is one of them:

So far the consensus has been to go back to 2018/2019 when the slowness is manageable or just go and buy affinity photo for its speed. 

Here is a video about just one part of how slow it's become:

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adam temp

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 yes I tried legacy. Vram never goes past 2% just making shapes, I have 12 gigs of vram. 

Also if you see the link to the thread you can see both mac and windows users are experiencing this so i doubt it's my cpu. 
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Dave... you don't sound like a daily user. Adam, I agree with you. We should not have to rebuild or clean our entire Windows or Mac over a simple update. Hence, simply reverting back to previous photoshop version works just fine.
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Since the first edition of Photoshop...
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They're right, Dave. I've seen quite a few posts from you now essentially offering the same thing for various circumstances:

-'maybe the Ryzen is the culprit'?
-'maybe your GPU is the culprit'?
-'maybe your drivers are the culprit'?

They're ostensibly fair enough questions, but with each post it should become increasingly obvious that those stabbing-in-the-dark theories effectively cancel each other out. What's the common denominator between all of these situations? It's not the CPU, it's not the GPU, it's not even MacOS or Windows. The common denominator is Photoshop 21.2.

I know you're just trying to help, but ultimately your attempt to help comes across as incessant and baseless skepticism, whether you intend it this way or not. 

Some unintended flaw in 21.2 is crippling Photoshop for a great many people - in many cases the result is a drastic overnight loss of performance. The number of reports are far too numerous and varied to be a coincidence. I'm sure Adobe is taking notice, and they'll probably fix things eventually.

Users are understandably frustrated when they come here to report the problem. So when a user who's lucky enough to be spared similar problems basically says 'it's probably your fault' to anyone and everyone who reports similar problems, it starts to get grating. 
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This observation by D. Bleja is Spot ON!  Trying to defend ADOBE by suggesting every possible tweak of every computer in the world >>> is not dealing with the reality of the issues.  THIS IS ADOBE at fault.  Unfortunately 'eventually' fixing it means we keep paying for the subscription and the privilege of wasting our time attempting work arounds. 

An Adobe Tech moved me back to PS 20.0.8 and now Bridge is acting up AGAIN!  When I tweak BRIDGE to work correctly, then PS breaks down.    See Timur D's  comment about the GPU getting disabled.  That lurching and choppyness etc., sure is like what's going on in my machine.  And Rick O'Dell and Adam T.'s observations... AND EVERYONE ELSE! 
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adam temp

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didn't they pull the older installs from CC and you can only go back to 2019 unless you go to some weird third party page,  that's how I had to get 2018. 

Why yes he has no claim but this is really bad marketing and product launch. But then again it's par for the course for a company that never really fixes any of the older issues or advances their software appropriately.  Just look at the 20 years garbage pile of after effect, animate, dreamweaver and AI.
I grind my teeth when I have to open them up, just old crap with bad UX that people have to use because of legacy client stuff. 

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Adobe, please respond/acknowledge that you know this is going on.