Photoshop CC 2019: Zoom to "Fit on screen" is different from 2018

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Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere. I did a quick search on "fit" and "zoom" but didn't find a match.

Anyway, I notice that Photoshop CC 2019 has a different idea of what zoom - Fit to screen means than Photoshop CC 2018. 2018 will zoom to 22.13 % whereas 2019 goes to 17.57% (leaving me a wide boarder around the document). Kind of annoying as I end up zooming again to get to 22%.

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Posted 2 years ago

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I am one of the longest continuing users of photoshop in the world. Only about 1000 of us exist as original users. My recommendation is to go back to 18. The latest version 19 is a complete disaster and will take a year if ever to fix. It has a new useless and horribly flawed rendering engine and absolutely no professional user outside input was used. The changes are based on the desires of the ignorant masses, rather than the needs of the professional.

I have spoken at Adobe shows, and have praised Adobe since Photoshop 3. Not anymore. The path they have chosen is that of a Swiss Army knife that has everything except a knife.
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I'm a 10 year Photoshop user and I've never ever come across such a pitiful version of Photoshop as CC 2019 (v20.0.1). Even their update to v20 didn't fix Photoshop. I think the new engineers they're using should re think the stupid changes made to CC v20

Most of you are aware that Adobe are going to introduce Photoshop to iPad in the near future. The underlying code is the same as desktop Photoshop, and although the interface has been rethought for the iPad, the same core tools line the edges of the screen.  

I refuse to use the buggy Photoshop V20. I wasted so much valuable time and expense trialling the new version and it's not worth it to me to keep using V20 and I'm sticking with v19.1.7 CC 2018

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Hi Peter. I think It is depending on your screen and image resolution in combination
It has not changed at all.
New screen?
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Hi Vagn-Ebbe. I am not sure what you mean. My computer hardware has not changed since early 2017 - so no new screen. I have both Photoshop CC 2018 and Photoshop CC 2019 installed. I have checked the Units & Rulers preferences are set the same for both versions, so same resolution for both versions. When I open the same image in both versions the Zoom -> Fit on Screen behaves differently. For the 2019 version I have to resize the image again to have it fill the available document  area. See the attached screen capture for version 2019 after Zoom -> Fit on Screen.

and the 2018 version after Zoom -> Fit on Screen  ...


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That's weird. Not seeing the issue on a mac. Have you tried doing a pref reset?
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I've been using photoshop professionally since 1990. The changes have almost always been a welcome improvement with nothing ever to complain about, but there is no logic to many of the changes in the 2019 version, many of which don't even function. I've gone back to 2018. I don't even mine switching up the command functions, but when they don't even work, it's a disaster.