Photoshop CC 2019: Vanishing Point Filter Issue

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I seem to be having an issue with the Vanishing Point Filter in Photoshop CC 2019 on an iMac/Mojave system. When I resize an image to fit within the vanishing point mesh, everything is fine until I drag the image inside the mesh area. Then it's as though the image itself stays resized, but the canvas its on is still the original size. This is apparent because the grab handles for sizing the image are space way too far apart and extend beyond the actual image, making resizing within the vanishing point mesh almost impossible. Please see the following to reproduce the fault. Note, I did not have this issue in PS CC 2018, although at that time I was on High Sierra so I'm not sure which you need to look at to troubleshoot this one. It is also possible I'm doing something wrong or am missing a step. I'm following the directions in a PS tutorial for CC 2019 by Julieanne Kost on and it's virtually identical to the same course for CC 2018.

Steps to Test Vanishing Point Filter

1. Open photo with building (2 sides of building must be visible to viewer)

2. Open photo that is to be a mural which will be pasted onto the front and side of the building

3. Resize the “mural” so that it is much smaller than the area it is to be pasted into on the building (CMD+T or Resize Image)

4. Copy the “mural” to the clipboard

5. Bring up the building that is to have the “mural” pasted on to it

6. Make a new blank layer above the Background of the building the “mural” is to be pasted on

7. Select “Vanishing Point” from the Filter Menu

8. Draw out the mesh on one side of the building. Align edges (top, bottom and at least one side) of the mesh with a roofline or window line for reference. Make sure mesh is coloured blue so you know it’s a viable rectangle in PS

9. Hold CMD and grab the midpoint handle of the mesh at the corner of the building and stretch out along the other side of the building (i.e. if you dragged along the front of the building first, now drag along the side of the building). Align the edges of the extended mesh with reference points of the side of the building as you did in Step 8

10. Paste the “mural” on top of the building image BUT NOT INTO THE VANISHING POINT MESH. Resize (CMD+T) to make “mural” significantly smaller than what will be required to fit into the mesh area (smaller than you think it needs to be - for test purposes you want to leave a LOT of room around the edges of the mesh area that the “mural” is fitting into)

11. Ideally, you now should see the 6 grab points around the “mural” image. Drag the “mural” into the mesh area

12. This is where I run into the issue. As soon as the “mural” clicks into the mesh area, you should still be able to see all 6 handles around the “mural”. In PS 2018, this was the case. You want to be able to stretch out the mural using the combination of the 6 grab handles to fill the mesh region completely. HOWEVER, in my case in PS 2019, as soon as I drag the small “mural” into the mesh region, the mural behaves properly BUT the grab handles appear as though they did not shrink with the image itself. Depending on where I position the mural image within the mesh region, I can only see 1 to 3 grab handles (often the top right corner and maybe the midpoint grab handles along the X and Y axes). If I pull the mural far enough out of the viewpoint of the mesh region the other grab handles will come into view. In other words, it appears as though the mural image resizes but the canvas size for the mural does not. I’m 99% certain I had no trouble with this in PS 2018, but in 2019 I get this every time.

Am I missing a step or is this a new bug?

I have a reference photo you can see at here

Thanks much for looking.

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Official Response
This should now be fixed in the Photoshop 20.0.3 release.
Feel free to update Photoshop and let us know if this is resolved for you.

To update Photoshop CC to 20.0.3, click "Update" in the Creative Cloud desktop app next to Photoshop CC.
More detailed instructions for updating

Thank you for the thorough report Glenn!