Photoshop CC 2019: How do I enable "classic" undo

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The new Photoshop CC 2019 has a new undo feature which doesn't require you to press multiple buttons to step back more than one step.
While this certainly is a widely requested feature, it can have problems.
When I'm editing photos, I like to compare the original photo by looking through history.
This was easy in other versions of Photoshop, since you could just press ctrl/cmd+z and compare 2 things in your history panel. 
Now in Photoshop CC2019 the comparison is harder since you have to press multiple buttons in order to compare these changes. 

I'd like an option for users of Photoshop to switch back to the old undo.
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Posted 6 months ago

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Official Response
Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts... and select the checkbox for Use Legacy Undo Shortcuts

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Thanks Jeffrey saved me today :) anyway I don t understand why to change ,I work  using cintiq I was looking for the shortcut everywhere for one hour.
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Thank you very much!
Appreciate it.
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Yeah, I think I like the other undo. I got used to it.

It's more of an A/B comparison.
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I liked the old undo better and have set 2019 accordingly.  For us who make a living with PS... it's about speed and the ability to get work out fast.  This could have been the same disaster the "improved crop tool" was in CS6 and thanks to Adobe for finally fixing that and providing us with the "Use Legacy" shortcuts.
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I know this has been answered, but as a professional PS user, the ctrl+z undo/redo toggle was much faster. If I wanted to toggle between states, I simply pressed ctrl+z in rapid succession, with no need to change shortcut keys. It was fast and efficient. That's the name of the game for those of us who get paid to work in PS. Now if I want to toggle between states I have to go from ctrl+z to ctrl+alt+z and then back to ctrl+z. That is not an improvement, you've simply added a step to the process. This is time wasting annoyance.

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I think exactly the same.
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Seems no one has mentioned F1. I've never used the old Cmd-Z, always changing that in kbsc for Step Backwards. Now I still change it to that, but have also always used F1 (always included with the old Undo kbsc) to toggle, and that still works.
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My Wacom Intuos Pro tablet settings will not register any changes I make to them, but only in Photoshop; other apps work fine. I'm using a Mac on OS Mojave. I noticed because the 2019 update changed the "Step backward" command from CMD-Option-Z to simply CMD-Z. I tried to change my tablet's button layout to accommodate, but the changes never registered. Frustrated, I reset all the settings, and now they will not change and I'm stuck without any button shortcuts or pen settings for Photoshop. Is there a fix for this, or is this a genuine bug?
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I too had this problem - Wacom advising that it was an Adobe issue.

In the end I deleted all and any Wacom Preferences and set up again by hand.

All is now good. Wacom's flaky software yet gain. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Toggle Last state bug.

When I press several times Undo and then want to Toggle Last state and actual it doesn't always work.
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Undo doesn't work correctly after October update. When go several step backwards undo doesn't work. It works only if I manually click on particular history element. When I use legacy undo shortcut it works again. 

PS: I always had changed my shortcut to work like this: 
     Undo - CTRL  + ALT + Z (because don't use that often as other option)
     Step Backwards - CTRL + Z 

So this update was in the right direction. But somehow it became broken.
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There are thousands of people with thousands of hours (each) of muscle memory with the old undo behavior, and now everyone has to figure out how to put it back--and a lot of people probably won't realize they can put it back, and suffer as a result.

Please don't muck around with keyboard bindings.  I still can't resize the canvas without looking at the menu, because someone blindly changed the image size/canvas size menu hotkeys years ago.  (I don't know what the keys were, only that my fingers knew them and I didn't have to think about it, and once my muscles learn a hotkey for something that deeply, it's nearly impossible to change.)

Please don't make core UI changes just to make first-day novices happy, at the expense of your actual, experienced user base.