Photoshop CC 2019: Eyedropper Tool "Current and Below" not working properly

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Here are just a few bugs I found to help the adobe team out.

1.) Eyedropper Tool "Current and Below" not working properly

The eyedropper tool for sampling colors on "current layer and below" doesnt always work when my layers are inside of a group folder with a cliping mask added to that folder. This bug actually has been going on for several versions of photoshop too Mac/and PC.

Actually I made  a file that replicates the bug. Please take a look

2.) New View> Flip Horizontal Dual Windows Bug
When using the new View>Flip Horizontal with a second window. If you keep flipping that 2nd window after awhile it seems to mess with the UI of photoshop causing UI glitches/slowdown. Like for example the layers panel and other windows start acting up and freezing. This happens to me on my Mac at work, but I dont think I got it to happen much on my windows PC at home.

3.) New Color Wheel Bug
For me I have my panels pinned to the side with Color slider at top, Brush panel in middle, and layers at the bottom. When I switch Color Slider to Color Wheel it collapses my layer panel and I cant get it back open unless I switch back to color slider, or unpin the layers panel. I only tested this problem on my PC
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By Dual Windows, do you mean View> New Window for. . . Or do you mean having two monitors? I can't seem to force any problems with the UI or anything else with Flip Horizontal on my Mac with High Sierra, but one monitor, 2 windows of the same image open. You didn't say which Mac OS you're seeing this on. Maybe it also takes doing a lot more than just flipping the image and clicking on the Layers panel to see it. I'd do more to test it if I knew that you don't mean with a dual monitor, but just using the command View> New Window for  xxx.

For the new Color Wheel bug, I opened the Color panel, put it at top of my  stack on the right, and switched all the options, but nothing happened that shouldn't have. This is again on my Mac, and you tested on the PC, so I don't know if it's an OS problem, but probably would help others if they knew which OS you've tested it with.
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Yeah i think 2 and 3 are going to be difficult to sorta prove without a video of some sort, but #1 the eye dropper tool I have legit proof of that one at the very least
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Thanks for the reports here.

If you're able to reproduce 2 and 3 with a video, would you be up for creating a separate bug report thread for those issues and we can make this thread about the eyedropper tool issue?

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Thanks Corey!  Looking into these...  Looks like #1 isn't new to 19.0.  I can repro in earlier versions but will still log it.  Thank you for the test file!!  Very helpful.
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No problem Chad, thank you for checking this out. I do hope adobe can finally resolve this issue : ) Im optimistic
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Any update on this bug being fixed?

You guys have a link to my file so you can see exactly what it is.

Its something that been going on for years and one of the biggest pains i deal with daily for last 5-7 years or whenever clipping mask were first introduced to groups. Other people apparently are having the same problem too.

One thing I notice over the years with artist I work with is, people will state problems they have but no one really goes onto a photoshop forumn like this and try to directly tell adobe. Most people just accept the problem as a part of using photoshop but I hope I can be a voice and state that this is indeed an issue.