Photoshop CC 2017: Group blending modes acting differently for 16/32 bit images (broken transparency rendering)

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Since upgrading to CC17 I have experienced various weird-looking documents. Something seems to be wrong with alpha levels in preview composition.

For instance, a document which looked fine 2 days ago, now exhibits layers that, even when set to 100% opacity, are only visually 20-30% opaque.

Investigated a bit further, and as feared, the bug seems to be caused by overlaying a blended group (see attached images)


Notice that hiding the group (which only contains various dark overlays being Linear Dodge'd onto the underlaying document) "fixes" the transparency issue.

In a different instance, the background layer in a Smart Object would not render unless the top layer blending with it was 100% filled (ie somehow it "masked" the underlaying background).

It's clear to me that there's something wrong with the composition engine, and blending, in CC17 — Mac only though. We tested for the issue on our Windows machines, and nothing wrong there.

Experienced with Mac (El Capitan, CC 17 18.0.0).

Please feel free to reach out for more details.SaveSave
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Rasmus, Thanks. Our engineers are investigating this issue for our next update.

The best workaround in the meantime is to rollback to the prior version. Instructions for installing prior version here:
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Yes, Linear Dodge in certain usages is broken in the current version of Ps. I believe the bug has been acknowledged by Adobe and hopefully there'll be a fix soon. For now, you'll need to re-install a previous version to keep working.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled [Critical Bug] Photoshop CC 2017: Group with Linear Dodge blending mode cuts off ....

This is completely unacceptable! Our content exporting/creation pipeline paralized! We had to release an update to our game yesterday and because of your QA we are loosing traffic and money. We automated the process based on tools you deliver: Generator-Assets + Node.js. You guaranteed us that the features you roll out will be stable.. and how come you messed up the very basic functionality like Blending Modes and Groups???

Here is you bug on a plate

Steps to reproduce:
1. Select Test Group
2. Merge that group

Here how it looks in PS

Here is the result of merging or exporting:

We need a patch! Right now!
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Our conversation replies got merged with this thread so my initial comment was lost.
But below you can see the results of me using Generator on my technique for building the highlight versus your technique using the nested layer groups.

But I am curious. If you have been working this way for two years, my thinking is that means you've been having to make manual fixes for two years? Because I can go back multiple versions in Photoshop and see the same result with your file. Was there at some point, a time when the merging during generator output worked the way you wanted? Because it seems to have always worked this way in regards to merging, so I'm thinking Photoshop as the core engine hasn't changed, so the question is, what has? This might require retraining and new processes for your people. But if we could identify at what point did this stop working for you, maybe we can target that particular issue.

I ran generator on my version of the file and it works just fine. Below you can see that the middle icon retains it's merge appearance after the blend modes are merged. I didn't do any of that manually, I did it with Generator. The top layer group was named with a .PNG file extension.

Here is the second .PNG made by generator without it removing layers outside of the group. You can see here it's performing a traditional blend, and your file retains appearance but you'd have to manually remove all the background elements. I'm sure that's not what you want.

Regardless, both of these were output by Generator and I can accomplish the result I think you were hoping for, so maybe Photoshop isn't broken.

Good luck
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled [BUG CC 2017] Color Dodge Blending Mode (Groups) not working properly.

This is an old work I reopen in Photoshop CC 2017 (done in CC 2015.5). First notice was some weird clipping causing by some white brush strokes (look at areas around the head of the scooter and her shoes). Finally, I found that changing the group blending mode into "Overlay" fixed the problem.

Here's the outcome exported from CC 2015.5

I am not too sure this would be called a bug - or actually a fix? But the Group blending mode technique I've been using since 2008.

And I even remember an tutorial (Big PS tutorial site) used this technique. Here's the link :

Step 6. should be where to look at

So should I be noticed this CC 2017 fixed the issue or caused the issue, anyways, it changed my long established workflow, and I guess not only me was using this technique.

Please give me some answer if this was a fix or as if this is a bug, please help to fix it.

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Also, If Gamma of RGB Blending was set to custom value, and mode is 16-bit, all layers below the group with blending become transparent.
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