Photoshop CC 2015: UI font scaling produces font sizes too big/small on high-res monitors (not fixed by PS CC 2014 UI font scaling feature)

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[PLEASE DO NOT MERGE THIS TOPIC WITH SIMILAR TOPIC: "Photoshop: Menu too small on Windows high res display", or any other topic that is marked as Answered, because at this writing, the issue I am reporting is not answered or solved. My renewal is coming up in a few months. In and of itself this font issue isn’t enough to push me over the edge and make me cancel my CC subscription, but that’s because I have 2 monitors, and I can read the font on the smaller, lower resolution monitor. It’s a pain, but I have been able to live with it. That said, substandard customer support is enough to and has in other cases been enough for me to stop paying for and using software or services. What I saw in that other, similar thread was not a shining example of how I would expect a company like Adobe to handle customer support. I suspect other users on that thread feel the same way—they didn’t start out so frustrated and furious that they felt like cancelling, but after reading the responses they received, I can see how they got there. I hope this thread can avoid repeating the miscommunication in the other topic. Here are the facts as I understand them. Something in Photoshop CC 2015 is broken. Adobe tried to fix it once under CC 2014 (thank you), but the fix didn’t work for many customers (customers can understand this sort of thing happens if it’s acknowledged and they can see it’s being worked). There is still a problem that needs to be fixed. So in this new thread I hope Adobe can take ownership, be up front and honest about the situation and the status, keep users informed on progress and when a new attempt to fix it can be expected. Thank you in advance.] Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 added a UI scaling feature intended to address customer reports of font sizes too small on some high resolution monitors. The update did not resolve the issue for many customers.There is another similar post on this site (Photoshop: Menu too small on Windows high res display), but it is for an issue that is marked by the moderator as “Answered” (the answer in that topic is that Photoshop CC 2014 added the UI scaling feature). As described below, while the Photoshop CC 2014 UI scaling feature may have solved the issue for some customers, it has clearly not fixed the issue across the customer base. The other topic includes many customers reporting the fix did not work for them. There is clear and obvious frustration on that thread, with some users threatening to terminate their subscriptions to CC (or stating they already have) because the UI with such small (or large) font results in an unacceptable user experience. Based on the posts in that thread, a) it does not seem this is a minor issue affecting only a small percentage of users, b) it seems this issue has been ongoing for well over a year, and c) there is significant frustration and confusion on the other thread, where multiple users have tried in vain to communicate to Adobe the issue is still not fixed, and they continued to be told it was. For these reasons, it was clear a new topic was needed that was not bogged down by arguments about what for many customers was an inaccurate assertion that the issue was answered/fixed. I am one of the many customers for which the UI scaling feature has not solved the problem. I have a color-calibrated, high resolution monitor (2560 x 1440) on Windows 7 64-bit SP1, and the font size on Photoshop is either too large or too small. There is no setting that produces a readable and usable UI. I've tried all UI Font Size and UI Scaling options (along with Windows controls for font sizes), restarted PS and the PC multiple times, and no matter what settings are used, the font is either too tiny to see without getting very close to the screen, or it’s so large that the portion of the UI left visible for the photo is too small to be practical for a photo editing software program. Adobe phone support confirmed the Photoshop CC 2015 UI scaling feature did not solve my font size issue while remote controlling my PC, acknowledged other customers have reported the UI scaling feature did not solve their issue, said Adobe software development was working on a fix, and suggested the question be posted on this site so progress could be tracked.It should be noted that other applications (including Adobe Lightroom) don’t have this issue on my high resolution display. When I changed the Windows font size controls in an effort to make Photoshop font more readable, it made the font sizes unusable/impractical in my other applications, including Lightroom. The other, similar thread offers workarounds that involve manual registry edits and downloads of files from third party websites. However, because these workarounds are not formally endorsed and/or supported by Adobe, the risk of them causing problems during future Photoshop installations is, in my view, not one worth taking. If they truly offer a legitimate solution, I look to Adobe to update Photoshop CC, and have the Adobe installer execute them as part of the installation process. Since that has not happened, I do not view them as viable options for me (although I appreciate and applaud the customer who figured out and posted the workaround in such detail, and those who have pointed other customers to the workaround as an option to consider). I would also acknowledge that I have never had to manually edit the operating system registry for any other program for any reason. Unless that starts to become the norm (which I can’t imagine), I don’t plan to start now.Adobe seems to suggest the problem is at least partly a Microsoft issue. That seems quite possible. But as a user, if my other applications (and Lightroom) are not having this issue, it’s hard to understand why Adobe is unable to fix it for Photoshop without Microsoft assistance/intervention. I am pleased to know the 2 parties are working collaboratively to find a solution, but that doesn’t mean many Adobe customers are willing accept years of delay in getting something like this fixed. Graphical user interfaces are the first and often most important piece of user experience. Like a fly in the bottom of your wine glass, a poor UI is hard to get past. If you meet ALL criteria below and are still having the same problem (Photoshop font options are too large or too small), please register your situation below so Adobe can understand how many users are still having the issue, and which resolution monitors are still problematic. Please keep to the facts and don’t include anything the moderator can’t post because it violates the website rules. That increases the odds for us all that Adobe can prioritize this accordingly and get it fixed sooner.* You are a Photoshop CC 2015 customer running the latest version* You have a high-resolution monitor (please include the resolution of your monitor)* You have tried all permutations of the Photoshop CC UI Scaling Feature (Edit => Preferences => Interface => Text, then UI Font Size, and UI Scaling), each requiring a Photoshop restart, and your issue has not been resolved* You have tried the Photoshop UI Scaling Feature in concert with all permutations of font size manipulations offered by Windows (ex. Windows 7: Control Panel => Display => Smaller, Medium, and Larger options), and your issue has not been resolved* You are unwilling/uncomfortable making manual registry entries and using files downloaded from third party websites, and/or taking the risk that the next update of Photoshop CC has problems because you edited your registry or added files Adobe was not expecting to be there (and then hearing Adobe support tell you a complete uninstall, manual removal of directories, manual registry edits, and a full reinstall is your only option)* Your Photoshop fonts are either too small, or too large such that you have far too little room to view the photo you are editing* Your other applications (including Lightroom) don’t have this problem on the same monitor * You WANT Adobe to address this issue because it is a significant annoyance, or you NEED them to address it because otherwise you cannot use the UI (please state which, and be honest—for me it is a WANT)Hopefully this thread can help Adobe establish how many customers this is affecting, how, and share up to date applicable information as Adobe works to fix this.
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Official Response
Photoshop CC 19.1.1 has introduced the ability to set and arbitrary scaling from 100% to 400% (including 150%) and per monitor scaling. See High-density monitor support and per-monitor scaling