Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 now available.

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We are happy to announce the release of Photoshop CC 2015.1.2.

To update Photoshop, Click "Update" in the Creative Cloud desktop application next to Photoshop.
If the update is not showing, click the Gear menu > "Check for App Updates" in Creative Cloud desktop application.

Photoshop 2015.1.2 update details
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Posted 4 years ago

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Thomas Synoradzki

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and the 2-column toolbar is still broken
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Jeffrey Tranberry, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Imaging

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Correct. Hopefully that will make the next update.
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Antonio Starace

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From the list of issues:
* Improved clickable area for dialog buttons.

What does it mean? I'm asking this because Adobe idea of "improving" does not match ours, and the last "improvement", the abominable UI, has been causing disappointment for the whole user base.
I would never have checked an Adobe changelog in the past, but now I'm scared of what the "genius UI team" could do worse.

Do you really think that a generic "improvement of clickable areas" would be enough to remedy to the new ridiculous UI?

Has anyone brave enough updated and can tell us what to expect or not expect?
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Jeffrey Tranberry, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Imaging

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The hit area inside the OK, Cancel, etc buttons in dialogs had a bit of area around the edges that wasn't picking up clicks.
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But all the type inside the buttons is still off by a pixel...
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Jason Viator

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Patch Notes for Photoshop 15.1.2?.

Where can i find them?
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I hate the new interface and will revert back to 2015.0.0, I don't have time to play with the Adobe UI kids who don't seem to have a clue what my work day looks like.
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Mere Jones

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I concur with much of the feedback from above. Today was the first time since the updates that I have had a really indepth Photoshop project (usually I work in Illustrator) that required me to use a bunch of the functionality and it was a nightmare. More than just having a hinky workflow, several features seemed to no longer exist. My first issue came when using the transform tool. After the initial transformation of the object, subsequent tweaks had to be made with a reset bounding box (rather than the bounding box conforming to the object the way it always has). With this constraint, minute adjustment was nearly impossible and the layer had to be enlarged slightly more than ideal and trimmed with a clipping mask. The other major issue I encountered today was when I went to apply a very basic 3D effect to an object. All 3D functionality has been removed and replaced with a prompt to come visit the site and download 3D content. While the 3D options available for download all look quite nifty, I just wanted the stupid, simple 3D effect that use to be part of the program. Upon following the prompt I discovered, to my dismay, that none of the options on the page suit my needs. However, by making me visit the site Adobe placed me in close proximity to the forums. I suppose that at least allows me to vent my frustration in a more productive manner than screaming at my computer, "They broke my Photoshop!" repeatedly. I don't have the time in my workday to completely relearn a program as intensive as Photoshop, so, in the future, I would appreciate if Adobe didn't completely scrap the previous version when updating to a new one. I'm not sure how effective it is to court new users with the simplicity when you have wrecked the workflow for the existing client base.