Photoshop CC 20.0.4 is now available.

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We are happy to announce the release of Photoshop CC 20.0.4.

This update includes fixes to some of the top customer reported issues and other bug fixes.
What's fixed

To update Photoshop CC to 20.0.4, click "Update" in the Creative Cloud desktop app next to Photoshop CC.

Note: If the update isn't showing immediately for you, click the ellipses at the top-right of the CC desktop app, and choose "Check for App Updates".
More detailed instructions for updating
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Posted 1 year ago

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Thanks for letting us know. 

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Olaf Giermann

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Free Transform still is totally messed up, In Select & Mask still no single keyboard-shortcut works. "Reduce Shake" still crashes Photoshop every time – are you kidding me?
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Jessica Nettles

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The liquify tool fixed?I am terrified to update if it's not
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Photoshop 2019 20.0.4 (macOS Mojave 10.14.3) has a new bug to add to the list ... new to me at least.
How it becomes apparent: Open a document then hide Photoshop and move to another app. Move back to Photoshop: At this point, I'm unable to get rid of the standard macOS cursor; it remains an arrow. I cannot select any tool in Photoshop at all. Menu commands seem to work however but the app is disabled otherwise. Tools become available again when quitting and relaunching the app entirely or just closing the active document. Following these steps in my system result in the same error as described above every single time, 100% of the time.
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Yes, this bug has been around for at least a year now, maybe two. It's a huge issue which is causing file loss and i'm not sure why it hasn't yet been fixed.
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The Art of Retouching

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I gave up on 2019 a month ago. Went back to 2015.5, and not a single complaint. Adobe sucking it up. Who TF is in charge over there? I'm about to stop paying, and going backwards.
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The Art of Retouching

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I'm sorry Cameron, I have been very upset with Photoshop 2019. Not just a little bit because something didn't work as expected. But because A LOT still doesn't work, months after release.

I'm not saying it from a "my computer" doesn't work, but from a "5 computers are crashing all day long" point of view.

I will be even more very specific... I've been teaching my 12 year how to use Photoshop and Premiere for his YouTube videos. He came to me the other day and said that the Text Tool wasn't working. I go into his room and tried to use the Text Tool, and as soon as I click on the canvas, Photoshop would Crash. Time and Time again Photoshop Crashed. I was like, WTF? I look at the System Details and see that he "accidentally" managed to upgrade to 20.0.4.

Now he is back to 2017, and not bothering me.

Your Staff can't help Cameron. We need the engineers to fix the unstable bridge they have built. And we also need the executives to stop going into these shareholder meetings and promising the next amazing thing. Because this viscous cycle just leaves your paying clients as Alpha Testers.

Photoshop 2019 is so bad, it doesn't even feel like it was tested by anyone (on mac or pc) before shipping it out. Adobe's plan seems to be "Ready, Fire, Aim.... Aim....Aim....Aim...."

No thank you. I have work to do.
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I just want to add - Adobe your 2019 release is absolute garbage and tested by no other but people with hands growing out of their AHLs. Oh and thanks for Free Transform, totally awesome and intuitive to use so much so that I won't update to any future releases. Sketch, if you are reading this - you are much closer than you think in getting these idiots out of business!
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Does anyone have advice on how I fix this issue? For the past couple of weeks Photoshop 2019 CC 20.0.4 will not launch. When I open the application, I only get the start up window and the app on the dock says application is not responding. I'm on a MacBook (early 2015 release). I've had occasional success opening an image with photoshop to use the application but now even this isn't working.

Thanks in advance.
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Try these steps first:

If you get stuck, go here and click on the round icon in the lower right to Contact Us to work directly with an agent:
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pls advise re red eye! No one is answering me!