Photoshop CC 20.0.1 is now available.

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We are happy to announce the release of Photoshop CC 20.0.1.

This update includes fixes to some of the top customer reported issues among other bug fixes.
See what’s fixed

To update Photoshop CC to 20.0.1, click "Update" in the Creative Cloud desktop app next to Photoshop CC. 
More detailed instructions for updating
Photo of Pete Green

Pete Green, Customer Advocate

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Posted 2 years ago

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Photo of Darran Gange

Darran Gange

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Thanks for the update. Any info on whether you will reverse the changes to shift behaviour in free transform? Or at the very least put a preference in to allow easy reversal of this behaviour? I know this is what is driving a lot of people back to CC 2018.
Photo of Olaf Giermann

Olaf Giermann

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By me. If the change had been done right, no one would or could complain. But now it is just a mess.
Photo of Roberto Ganoza

Roberto Ganoza

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I agree with Darran, at least gives us the option to change it back.
Photo of Stephen Bolton

Stephen Bolton

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Just found this after a frustrating few minutes wondering why the constrain proportions button on the transform selection menu isn't working. I get it that the new "shift" shortcut is there, but people have a work flow. The key word here being "flow". Really frustrating when it is interrupted by unneccessary "improvements"!
Photo of Bev Ambler

Bev Ambler

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I would like to know why all of a sudden my edit,layer etc are all greyed out? Neverhappened before.
Photo of Griffin Moores

Griffin Moores

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Yeah, if there'd be a place to get a breakdown of all the changes to behavior and why menus are inconsistently grayed out, especially when coming from Lightroom, that'd be much appreciated.
Photo of Pony Ma

Pony Ma

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20.0.1更新後,在lightroom邊修好的RAW 直接導入PS會變成無法編輯。需另存PSD後再重新讀入才能處理。怎麼回事呢??

Translated: After the 20.0.1 update, the RAW directly imported into the PS in the lightroom will become uneditable. You need to save the PSD and then read it again to process it. What happened??
Photo of Pony Ma

Pony Ma

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還有20.0.1 執行上系統消耗相當嚴重,先前做個表面模糊 CPU使用率不超過10%,更新了20.0.1 後,竟然變成100%  相當誇張
Photo of Jeffrey Tranberry

Jeffrey Tranberry, Sr. Product Manager, Digital Imaging

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Workaround is to start Photoshop first, then start Lightroom. We're working on this issue.
Photo of jim feldman

jim feldman

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#regressiontest.  It's literally taken me nearly an hour to find all the workarounds and known bugs for everything that 20.0.x broke.  This includes not handling scaling on high DPI monitors (Not new, just not fixed).  Not the first time the Lr>Ps handoff has not worked.
Photo of Erica Eide

Erica Eide

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Same here, I can't do ANYTHING in Photoshop right now. This is very frustrating.
Photo of Fabrice Meuwissen

Fabrice Meuwissen

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how a bug like "greyed menu" in photoshop when a picture is coming into lightroom, could happen !! nobody test at adobe , and the cycle to see fixes like that is waYYYYY too long !